Back in the day: LFF 2006

Last year’s festival was much fun.

What I got up to, in no particular order:

(The best thing is first though)


  • Had a chat with Emma Thompson
  • Made Will Ferrell laugh
  • Saw Jude Law scowl from across the foyer
  • Mistook Natalie Portman for a child
  • Spoke to Kate Winslet, Martin Freeman and the cast and director of Shortbus
  • Interviewed the makers of Black Gold and Danish director Joachim Trier
  • Saw a lot of films
  • Got a bit tipsy [ahem]
  • Watched a tonne of people leave the preview of Lukas Moodysson’s completely bonkers Container, then wised up and followed
  • Had my batteries run out on me during an interview – shorthand to the rescue right…?
  • Tried to not get on camera while standing around with TV crews in the red carpet press pen

Look here for LFF 2007

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