London Film Festival: Naomi Watts screentalk

Friday night saw Naomi Watts interviewed for a Screentalk at the London Film Festival.

The discussion took in Mulholland Drive, Funny Games and Eastern Promises, as well as Naomi’s background and her experiences of producing. Suchandrika Chakrabarti reports

Naomi also gave us a fine impression of David Lynch directing her while she was in a full bunny suit, unable to see or breathe. She ended up walking into walls and an ironing board as he yelled at her.

Her partner Liev Schreiber was in the audience and got a few shout-outs from her onstage, especially when she was pressed on whether she would move to London to live.

She also felt compelled to say “I’m not this dark twisted person!” Find out why below…

Where do you feel most at home?

I always get in trouble when I answer that question! I was born in England and lived here the first 14 years of my life… I bribed my mum into letting me go to drama classes if we went to Australia.

When did you first want to become an actress?

I was about five and my mum was onstage in Pygmalion. I felt transported into this world of make-believe [when she waved at me].

How did you become friends with Nicole Kidman?

[They met on the set of a commercial] Neither of us got the job. We shared a taxi home and sort of became friends.

Is Hollywood sometimes a lonely place?

It is a lonely place. Geographically, it is spread out. It’s a one-industry town… even social meetings can be about work. Nicole was like the pioneer for the Aussies out there.

Why did David Lynch choose you for Mulholland Drive?

He’s so cryptic! He would never give me an answer. He works from a very intuitive place… he responded to my head shot… my brother took it. I didn’t audition for the part. I remember feeling quite awkward in the initial meeting, because he was asking all these questions. I wasn’t used to that!

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