Tell me about Macclesfield

I went to see Control today. I was disappointed. Let’s not dwell on it.

This is cool though:



I found it here.



Here’s the original footage:



Here’s the song:



Click for the lyrics

Lots of Joy Division pics here

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I like the comma in American headlines, I think England needs it.

6 thoughts on “Tell me about Macclesfield

  1. I loved the movie. I am very thankful they stuck only to the facts. Why would you want to see the filmmaker speculate and dramatize something that you are actually interested in knowing the truth about. This would give millions who see the movie a false impression of the man. The story was perfect and could not have been better, in that it was the truth.


  2. Hi Supakook, yes, I totally agree with you on the “just the facts ma’am.” A bit of a missed opportunity overall.

    The footage is great. Love Tony Wilson in it!


  3. I agree with your comments on the film suchandrika.

    liked the film visually, but I felt the story telling was a bit flat as well as overly linear. Told as fly on the wall, but I felt the story only showed the outlines as if to say any inspirational aspect of Ian’s life was unknowable. Just the facts, Ma’am.

    Like many who loved Joy Division, as I grew up, I related to Ian Curtis’s inner world by his music and videos. I feel like Ian put him inner world out there in his music and the videos which was key to his talent. I didn’t get this from the film, although I did pick up the stylistic narrative of his life events.

    I’m not saying it was a bad film, but I did expect more depth from this rich material.


  4. I just felt that the characterisation was so flat and that I learned very little about Curtis’s inner life – which was meant to be the main thing. It was shot beautifully and looked amazing – you can tell what Corbijn is really good at. The story though? Not so much.


  5. Why disappointed ? I did see it today and it give me a thrill. A step to know better what urges him in music and suicide.


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