Amy Winehouse, Hammersmith: A photo essay


I’m just glad she turned up! Before the show, she allegedly “locked herself in her hotel room after a 48-hour bender and refused to go to the venue,” says The Mirror. You could tell.

She came on after 10pm [10:15 say all the reports today – I was kind of past caring by then] and treated us to an hour of her presence. She slurred and mumbled a fair bit. She really messed up my fave, Tears Dry On Their Own.

She plays the guitar! She dances a little like a robot. She is v. insecure about the beehive and was constantly tugging it – at one point, she was clutching it to keep it on. She wore the ballet slippers. She is very skinny. She didn’t give us any Blake chat. She abandoned the stage halfway through the encore, Valerie; I didn’t really mind, as I had abandoned the show by then. Her band and dancers were amazing. My camera’s zoom, not so much.

Chapter 1: She’s finally here!


Chapter 2: Even a little dancing!


Chapter 3: The ‘hive is holding tight!


Chapter 4: She even plays the guitar!


Chapter 5: Is she playing anymore? Is she singing anymore?


Chapter 6: Did something fall out of the beehive?


Chapter 7: Amy heads for the exit

Epilogue: Cancellation!

For more on the gig: NME, DigitalSpy, The Mirror, heatworld, Now mag, ITN.

Elsewhere in Winehouse-world, her delightful hubs thinks she needs some rehab. Has he been reading the tabloids on the inside? Coz he was never this observant when he was actually living with his wife.

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I like the comma in American headlines, I think England needs it.

4 thoughts on “Amy Winehouse, Hammersmith: A photo essay

  1. Haha thank you! I have been experimenting with layout a lot… her hubby likes to read eh? Well, I spose Pete Doherty was meant to be a poet once upon a time, so Ames is in the right crowd…


  2. I like this layout…. clean and crisp! Poor Amy. Oh, and I heard that her hubby likes to read… so maybe. 🙂


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