Ooh I’m going to Berlin in February to cover the Berlinale! I am hugely excited already…I’m going as part of this scheme.

8 of the 23 competition films were unveiled last week, with one of them being S.O.P. Standard Operation Procedure, about Abu Ghraib. The documentary looks at human rights abuses and incidents of torture at the Baghdad prison. It’s the world premiere of the film and sounds kind of daunting, but unmissable.

The full list of the 8 can be found here.

But what else to do while in Berlin? Any tips? I obvs need to go to these places:

The Brandenburg Gate

What remains of the Wall

The Reichstag

I am also liking the look of Prenzlauer Berg for some post-festival staying. Sounds fun and I want to stay in the former East Berlin for a bit, although the HUGE amount of screaming kids doesn’t sound so good – the district has the most babies per capita in Germany. If anyone knows some good places round that way… or round any way in Berlin…

Also, the impending trip inspired me to read Stasiland, an account of one woman‘s search for and interviews with the victims and the perpetrators of the GDR’s stranglehold over its own people. Apparently, it’s currently being adapted for the stage, which sounds bizarre, as it will mainly be people sitting about reminiscing, interspersed with the author wandering through Berlin.

It’s a very moving, well-written book. Read the first chapter here.

Last but not least, here’s the trailer for the film that the Berlinale wouldn’t show last year…

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I like the comma in American headlines, I think England needs it.

4 thoughts on “BERLIN!

  1. @ danae: Sehr gut indeed! I will undoubtedly be blogging it from Berlin as much as possible… now I just have a month and a bit to go shopping MAD. Gotta look good for the Berliners!

    @ Anners: Well it’s more a collection of about 7 jobs, this freelance lark, I’d love just one proper one… The top pic’s the Brandenburg Gate, all labelled and linked now. What’s the Nefertiti museum? Sounds rather interesting… Germany in February is going to be SO COLD though!!


  2. ^ I meant that top pic…. is that a museum? I’m prob wrong. Whatever… I’m sure you’ll find great stuff to do over there. Like Danae said, I am jealous as hell!


  3. How exciting, Suchandrika! Is that the museum where Nefertiti is located? Ah, so want your job… 🙂


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