Berlinale: The Anti-Talent Campus View

Someone at Variety isn’t a fan…

A wee excerpt:

As a means of extending a fest’s reach — not to mention promoting its brand — this is useful in the extreme. But inevitably, the initiative has left some festgoers cold, with a number of industry veterans warning that Berlin — now juggling an A-list film festival, a thriving sales market and a training academy — is in danger of overstretching its resources.

In this respect, matters seemed to reach a head in 2007: A number of visitors complained that, at times, the event felt more like a film school with a festival attached than the other way around.

“Am I alone in wishing this place would just show movies?” lamented one longtime attendee.

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Link from Berlinale Talent Campus site

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I like the comma in American headlines, I think England needs it.

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