Berlinale in pictures


The Berlinale Palast, where premieres take place. I took this on the day that the Rolling Stones turned up for the opening of their Scorcese-directed film, Shine A Light.


Mmm, currywurst mit pommes und Green Lemon Becks. Rostbratwurst is my favourite though. I don’t think I’ve eaten as much meat in my whole life as I have done in the past 6 days.


The throng of journos and critics outside the press screening of Madonna’s film. Apparently about 100 people didn’t get in and they might put on another showing. It’s premiering tomorrow morning.


The beautiful glass ceiling in the CineStar cinema. I spent just under an hour queuing for Filth and Wisdom, so I passed the time taking photos and videos. It was either that or be suffocated by the hair of the girl in front of me. Good times.


Waiting for the screening to begin. Derek Malcolm, one of our mentors, managed to keep out of this shot… that’s his friend reading the paper in front of me. Derek’s a HUGE Madonna fan. Really.

(Okay, not really. Don’t want to get sued.)

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I like the comma in American headlines, I think England needs it.

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