Working at Guardian Creative

Is rather nice. They’ve been playing the Manic Street Preacher’s 1996 album, Everything Must Go. I used to love that album when I was 13. Here’s my favourite song from it – the single was released right around my 13th birthday and it’s what got me into the band.

God, I listened to that tape to death. Remember tapes? I can’t believe that I went to school in a largely pre-CD, pre-internet world. The 90s are looking a bit quaint now, aren’t they?

Coming soon… a terrifying look at the prison-like barred lift that lets you look at the exposed brick internal walls as it painfully hauls you to the 5th floor…

Here it is…


Eek indeed.


That little window is your only hope.

Tomorrow, I’m taking the stairs. It’s only 5 floors!

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I like the comma in American headlines, I think England needs it.

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