Extraordinary Rendition: The opposite of documentary

I’ve been hard at work, me.

http://www.renditionfilm.com/?p=200 Extraordinary Rendition, which first caught Netribution’s attention ahead of its premiere at last year’s Edinburgh festival, is due to be released on DVD on 28th April, and broadcast on the BBC in the same week.

Suchandrika Chakrabarti met up with director Jim Threapleton and producer Andy Noble, childhood friends turned filmmaking collaborators, to get an update on the improvised film’s editing and innovative distribution, as well as to discover what “the opposite of documentary” means…

How did it feel to be nominated for a British Independent Film Award last October?

Andy: We were humbled to be in such exalted company really, the great and good of the British film industry. It was great to be recognised in that way.

Jim: The evening had the appropriate independent spirit, as opposed to the more formal Bafta enterprise.

Andy: I was quite relieved when we didn’t have to go up and collect anything – absolved me of the need to go up and say something coherent!

Jim: We were nominated for Best Achievement in Production, and it was a real achievement under the circumstances we did it.

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