“Lemon Tree” vs reality: no one wins

palestine area c

In the end it came down to a single-page letter, written in Hebrew and Arabic and hand-delivered by an Israeli army officer who knocked at the front door. The letter spelt the imminent destruction of the whitewashed three-storey home and small, tree-lined garden that Bassam Suleiman spent so long saving for and then built with his family a decade ago.

It was a final demolition order, with instructions to evacuate the house within three days.

From The Guardian


lemon tree

Set in the Zur HaSharon, Salma‘s lemon grove – planted fifty years before by her late, beloved father – comes under threat when the Israeli Defence Minister moves in next door, and the Secret Service deems her trees a potential haven for terrorists. He wants the trees to be uprooted; she takes her fight to the Israeli Supreme Court in Jerusalem.

It‘s a journey that takes Salma from the warmly-lit, domestic familiarity of her kitchen to the glaring, harsh lights of the paparazzi and international press at the court. The lemon grove itself becomes a symbol of Salma‘s oppression. Under her care, it is full of lush, fertile trees, but, after the Israelis fence it off and ban her from entering, the plants slowly die, the lemons thudding to the ground.

From me at the Berlinale Talent Campus

Spot the difference…

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I like the comma in American headlines, I think England needs it.

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