Barack Obama’s Kansas values

Click the above picture of Barack Obama Snr for the first Obama For President ad, thanks to Gawker. It has a very interesting angle. A very good one. Also note prominent front-row display of wedding ring at when he’s speaking to the troops – a nice move. Reminder: he doesn’t oppose all wars. The ring’n’soldier bit is freeze-framed, so that we get the full benefit of our brave lads+wedding ring. Lovely stuff.

There’s been a lot of chat about Barack Obama’s wife Michelle recently. Some US commentators have been getting a bit nasty about her (okay, well, about both of them – although the McCains haven’t exactly escaped some harsh-ish treatment; or at least dirty-laundry-airing), and the shot of Obama being a kind caring man, that just happens to have the lovely wedding ring dead centre, is a useful addition to the campaigning video. Personally, I welcome all the reports of Michelle’s sarcasm. She seems like fun, and you’ve got to hope for that from your public figures, if only to liven up my Google News checks for the next few years.

I just read Obama’s 1995 memoir, Dreams From My Father, hence the pic up there. The book shows him to be an excellent writer who has led a varied and interesting life, having lived on two different continents in childhood, and with family ties to a third. I like to think that would give him a more complex and empathetic world view than most. It’s more than I’ve done. I liked the book very much.

How interesting it would be to have an American President who’s a great writer, and also just not thick.


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