An oldie but a goodie: Out of this world


Can Vicki Psarias and her team knock out a film in 48 hours? Suchandrika Chakrabarti joins her on Sci-Fi-London 48-hour Film Challenge.

Time flies…

During a hectic day of filming a five minute thriller for the Sci-Fi-London 48-hour Film Challenge, a director asks an actor, “Can we get a few grunts from you? Can you just get that grunting? Okay, now how about some heavy breathing? And where’s Zombie Number Two? We need you!”

Director Vicki Psarias, who won last year’s 4Talent Best Filmmaker award, asks actor Chris Rogers – playing “a strange man” – to re-record some sound. The planes flying overhead, the dismal weather and the lack of a sound monitor have made things a little more difficult than usual.

The team only have a few more hours to shoot in the forest by Barnes station in South West London, because the next day will be devoted to editing. Time is not on their side.

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