A Woman in Berlin to become a film

I was wondering why the search “a woman in berlin film” kept coming up in the blog stats. The adaptation of the war diary kept during the siege of Berlin in spring 1945 is going to be screened at Toronto in September.

A Woman of Berlin to screen in Toronto

14 August 2008 By FNE Staff
The German/Polish film A Woman in Berlin, is among 20 films shown for the Toronto Film Festival’s Special Presentations.A world premiere, the film is based on a best-selling true story set during the Russian invasion of Berlin in 1945. Golden Globe nominee Max Faerberboeck directs. The Toronto film festival runs September 4-13.

The festival previously announced it will screen the Slovak documentary Blind Loves by Juraj Lehotsky.

(from Film New Europe)

Previously: Reading A Woman in Berlin in Berlin

How strange, the book’s been in print all this time and I’ve only just discovered it – now it’s about to get a lot more famous. I can’t imagine how they filmed it, the voice of the journalist-diarist is so important, and so many of the brutal things she describes will just be too shocking to view, surely? Her cool tone and survivalist attitude can probably only be conveyed through voiceover… should be interesting.

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I like the comma in American headlines, I think England needs it.

5 thoughts on “A Woman in Berlin to become a film

  1. Yes, I can’t wait to see it either! I don’t know how it will translate to film, because the horror of the situation is mediated through the narrator’s voice in the book – she’s so stoic about it all. The film is going to have to show some pretty grim scenes.


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