Sarah Palin, Bristol and Trig on myspace

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I like the comma in American headlines, I think England needs it.

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  1. Sarah Palin, Bristol and Trig on myspace | To strive, to seek, to find…

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  3. @scha100: I’m Canadian and I’d love to see where the Canadian media has picked up on this – do you have any links? I’ve had those MySpace pics on my blog ( since early Saturday (Pacific time) and I have yet to receive any communication from media in my country (and I’ve been quoted on the national wire service recently, so they know how to reach me).

    My friend Cajun Boy (, however, has been inundated with calls and emails from tipsters, supporters and the NY media, as has my other friend Karion ( who is similarly obsessed with the story and has been sharing information with me and Cajun Boy since the beginning. Unfortunately, of the 3 of us, I’m the only one to have comments on my blog, and yes, it has been equal parts backpattery and equal parts backlashery.

    Anyway, thanks for making room for such a healthy discussion here, Suchandrika!

    I agree that the minor children should not be the focus of this conversation, and my preference – even as someone who has blogged some of the inflammatory pictures – is to refocus the inquiries at the adults and who knew what when.

    I encourage everyone to take a look at the outstanding investigative journalism coming from Laura McGann of the Washington Independent (, or simply follow her on Twitter (@TWILaura is her ID, @Hez is mine) and you’ll see shocking revelations like the fact that Ms. McGann was literally the first person to request any information from the Wasilla municipal records office in regards to Mrs. Palin’s time as mayor.

    There are literally hundreds of comments on Ms. McGann’s blog entries, many of them from Alaskans, most of them people whose conscience compels them to weigh in on this issue (whether McGann or I agree with them or not).

    There is more to come on this. My friends aren’t just getting media attention, they’re getting anonymous tips and sources offering secrets out of the blue. As for me, I’m trying to keep a sense of humour about all of it, but although I have my theories (which I am glad to share privately), I think I’ll leave the interpretation of the facts to other people.

    Anyway, thanks for the linklove, Suchandrika, and best of luck with your most excellent blog!



  4. Dr.Cathy Baldwin-Johnson (who focuses on child and sexual abuse) delivers Bristol’ s baby, Trig.
    Sadie, Levi’s sister, captions the pic of her holding Trig as “my baby brother?”
    Levi’s Myspace page rants “I hate kids!”
    So is Levi the father? Or is Levi’s father, the father?
    This would explain the child abuse doctor AND the whole cover-up thing going on.
    McCain’s people are in Alaska, desperately trying to suppress any information.
    People’s comments on various websites and blogs are being BLOCKED! (including mine)
    Pictures are disappearing from many websites.

    And yet, only the Canadian press has picked up on this.

    If the American press allows this to go without investigation, then the USA is truly LOST.
    There is no freedom, no first amendment, no fourth estate,no democracy, no free election (Diebold has counted the votes for the last two elections – against the law BTW), It will be exposed for what it truly is, a BIG FAT FRAUD.

    Watching the RNC this week, there was some serious drinking of the kool-aid! Seig Heil!


  5. […] on the list of births for April 18th at the Mat-Su Regional Medical Center, not to mention serious inconsistencies in accounts of his relationship to the Johnston family by the Johnston family. Let me remind you that Levi Johnston is now the confirmed father of the […]


  6. […] Suchandrika wrote an interesting post today on Sarah Palin, Bristol and Trig on myspaceHere’s a quick excerptThese photos have just been deleted from the girl’s myspace. Click the pic for a larger version. Dear old *..mercede..* might be having to make her myspace private pretty soon. She has a brother named Levi, as she says on her profile … […]


  7. I could give a rat’s behind about Bristol having a baby out of wedlock. (Though extreme conservatives have a cow about it.)
    The ISSUE is that while Sarah is the grandmother, not the mother, of Trig, she is spreading this huge fantastic lie about being Trig’s mom. And while lying about such would be just another yawn for your average person, this woman is up for the position which is only a heartbeat away from the highest office in the land. This speaks LOADS about Sarah’s character AND John McCain’s. (Let alone his lack of judgment.)
    People making a stink about Bristol being pregs are TOTALLY MISSING THE POINT.
    So a kid gets pregnant, even an important politician’s kid. But why LIE ABOUT IT?
    And the having LIED….(jeez, the whole drama about breaking water before giving a speech, then a cross-country flight home, while in labor?)…she not only lied, but made it a BIG FAT WALLOPING LIE! To say nothing of COVERUP? HELLO!?
    This woman should get dumped off the ticket! And fast!


  8. There is a blog, supposedly that of Willow Palin, at

    I left the following message there. We’ll see if it gets edited, or banned (as I was instantaneously at Wake Up America over the weekend):

    “Gotta say, if candidates’ kids are to be left alone, this blog should not exist.

    It’s 10:15 pm and Trig Palin is being blinded by lights onstage at the RNC. He should have been in bed hours ago . . .

    Who exactly is taking advantage of kids for political gain in this election?”


  9. Do not understand what the big deal is with her and her daughter having a baby. Instead of arguing about it they should be happy that both the mother and the child are happy. And it said if someone will vote for McCain just because one things the VP is attractive.


  10. What fun I’ve had staying up reading Clancop’s blog . . . about Sarah Palin trying to ban books whilst Mayor of Wasilla, AK.

    Clancop said:

    “In any event, maybe you and I have been looking at this the wrong way, what if, as mayor, some group signed a petition to ban certain books and pushed Sarah Palin into enforcing it? The fact that this source left out such information, like which books for example, it could easily be assumed that this was the case. Not a stretch for a woman who has made her career off serving the people, and not an impossible event in small-town Alaska of all places.

    Remember that just a few years ago groups were trying to ban Sponge-Bob. What do you think?”

    Who knew that Sarah Palin would be able to be manipulated so easily. Pushing the little woman around a bit, just to ban books. Small-town Alaska – and just a hockey mom, too busy to read the petition, or digest it if she did.

    Bit of a sexist, are you, Clancop?


  11. PEACE: Take a moment to think this through. This is written from the perspective of the sister of the baby’s father. If Bristol were the mother, Trig would be her nephew. In that case, she would be crowing about becoming an aunt. But – she is not. The caption says Trig is her baby brother, and it means it would be her brother-in-law. That means Sarah Palin is the mother.

    Just a little mental hygiene.

    As has been pointed out before, that’s not the big issue at stake here.


  12. Clancop says:

    Now, while I do not know of the economic impact this bridge would have had the community of Gravina, this was a project that was started up to bring development to a “needy” area . . . Why should tax dollars go to Illinois to pay for community development and not to rural Alaska for the same reason?

    If you really did research this, you know that Gravina is a community of 50 people. 50 people! People who knew they were living on an island and had to ferry to the nearest city. They do have a choice to live there or on the mainland. Why should tax dollars be spent here? You tell me.

    I think it will be wise to wait and see how the investigation in Alaska ends. If Palin had a slam-dunk case, can you explain why she’s hired an attorney authorized to spend up to $95,000 defending her?

    If you really think all I rely on is Kos and Huffington, you do not know me well. I checked out the authors on Flopping Aces, and what a magnificent collection of folk they are. I am underwhelmed. Balanced? I think I’ll go with KaliO and the BBC, thanks.


  13. She is the GRANDMOTHER of Trig, not the mother. Here are the photos as proof, page down half way and see evidence from the summer myspace page of Mercede who is the sister of baby-daddy Levi Johnston. In the captions, she refers to Sarah Palin as “mommy-in-law” and the baby Trig as her new baby brother.

    The myspace page has since been taken down, but the evidence remains. Someone will talk. It’s a small town. Lies have short legs. RNC: Get the truth out now and do some damage control. Those preaching the loudest usually have the biggest skeletons to hide.

    Let the girl have her baby, out in public, and please let the mom be proud of them both. Is Bristol pregnant now? Who knows. Maybe maybe not. But Bristol IS the mother of Trig.

    And, here’s the Washington Post with the news about grandma Palin cutting funding in Alaska for help for pregnant teens. How ironic. Don’t teach them about birth control, and then throw them out on the street when they decide to keep their babies.


  14. lol re: CNN being a balanced news source. It is however very entertaining … I like when they take the time to report on Tom Cruise and Beyonce to distract US Citizens from what’s really going on in the world. BBC is the one and only credible news source. Fox and CNN are nothing more than reality shows.


  15. Wrong Patty PV. Once again, you twist this issue until it suits your needs. That is what is one thing that is pathetic…

    On the “Bridge to Nowhere”, firstly, this was something that Alaska had been promised. It had been passed through Congress, it had been supporter by both Republicans and Democrats, including Joe Biden Now, while I do not know of the economic impact this bridge would have had the community of Gravina, this was a project that was started up to bring development to a “needy” area. Why should tax dollars go to Illinois to pay for community development and not to rural Alaska for the same reason? On the part of Sarah Palin, this was a cost/benefit analysis, and once Washington pulled the plug, so did she. Matter of fact, many blame this kind of spending and lack of focus on the disasterous brdige collapse in Minnesota bridge collapse that killed 13 people. She believed that this project was worth it at the first price, but decided to spend the money elsewhere when the cost outweighed the benefit, and unlike some governors who would have wasted that kind of money to keep a promise, she did what was in the best interest of her state. Once again, READ the link…

    On “Troopergate”, YA, you should wait for the outcome before you starting to condemn her. What happened to “innocent till proven guilty”? Guess it only matter when the defendant agrees with you on abortion. Fact is, there has been a thorough investigation so far, and what we find is that this is far from an abuse of power. Walt Monegan is playing politics, pure and simple, and in actuality, refused to fire Trooper Wooten, BECAUSE he was connected to the Palin/Heath family. Next, Monegan isn’t the only one with authority on the matter, why didn’t Palin go to his boss Col Julia Grimes and pressure her over the initial domestic complaint, which this charge of abuse of power is linked to? Truth be told, there was an email sent by her office, but not on this matter. It had come to the attention of a few, including Sarah Palin, THAT Wooten had been using racial slurs on the job, abusing state resources (free gas anyone?), illegally hunting and tasering his on 11-year old step son, an event which Bristol Palin witnessed. Now why didn’t Walt Monegan do something about it? He didn’t want to… Sarah appointed him to do a job which he wasn’t doing (taking funds and not recruiting new troopers, not dealing with the illegal sale of alcohol to the native Alaskans, etc), offered him a better post to protect his reputation, he refused, and thus left the governor with only one course of action… Do your research…

    What I find REALLY pathetic is that you and Suchandrika, claiming to be these journalists and “truth-seekers”, would refuse to do the research and rely on sources like the Daily Kos and the Huffington Post to do it for you. Sources which are dangerously biased and not willing to take a balanced look on the subject. CNN (when the story was wrote) and Flopping Aces are those balanced sources you should be used. Now if that isn’t pathetic, I don’t know what is…

    To Son of Bill Brasky (I love those SNL skits), CLICK THE LINK!

    THAT is when the Obama campaign called her a Nazi sympathizer. Is that the kind of ticket you want to support? Politicians willing to attack Palin’s child and call her a Nazi sympathizer don’t have the moral compass which America needs, pure and simple…


  16. the Obama campaign called her a nazi sympathizer? WHEN? you people are off your rockers.

    Ask yourself this.. would vote for Sarah Palin for President? I was initially for Joe Biden so I know he can fill the job.

    Notice how the RNC is all about 9/11 and abortion.. Republicans can run on nothing. Even John McCain’s ads say we’re worse off. So why give them 4 MORE years??

    pull your heads out of your asses


  17. @ whenyourebored & other people who wilfully misunderstand:

    Please understand this: no one is judging Bristol Palin for falling pregnant.

    It seems that the media and the internet are doing the VP vetting of Sarah Palin that McCain’s crew forgot.


  18. You know some people make mistakes. And mothers cant always make decisions for their daughters. Sarah taught her daughter the right thing by abstinence, but she obviously chose another path. Children cannot be controlled as long as you might like, they eventually grow up and make their own decisions.

    And why isn’t anyone hating on Jamie Lynn Spears? Is it just because she’s a Hollywood byproduct? There are so many other girls who get into this situation too who have good respecting parents. They were taught one thing but obviously chose another. It’s not the parents fault when a kid CHOOSES to do the wrong thing. We all have a free will and when it comes down to it the best we can do is be educated on what’s good and what’s bad. We can be forced to make a choice.

    Perhaps you should examine your own mistakes and sins before hounding someone else for something that is so common amongst teenagers (but that doesn’t excuse it either). All I’m saying is we should be more forgiving towards a teenager who made a mistake. All teenagers make mistakes but this one is in the public eye which probably makes it more painful for her and her family.


  19. Clancop: It was OK to build an unnecessary bridge in Alaska with MY tax dollars – but when Alaskans had to foot most of the bill, suddenly it wasn’t such a good idea? Sorry – if the bridge was necessary, she would have backed it as a good idea and stood by it, no matter where the funding came from. Reminds me of the old saying “We know what you are, now we’re just quarrelling over the price.”

    As for Troopergate, I never claimed her former brother-in-law was any kind of saint – the whole family has its problems – but Monegan was fired, plain and simple. I will look for the outcome of the investigation.

    I am enjoying reading all the comments on this blog, but find name-calling totally unnecessary, whether it is you or Jose Jimenez. May I remind you that you too are blogging here? If we are pathetic – what does that make you?


  20. “The real issue is not Governor Sarah Palin. It’s about John McCain’s lack of judgment in not properly vetting his VP.”

    Sorry, but I think ths a total non-story which just takes the ‘political debate’ to new lows. I’m not dissing you for putting it on your blog etc, if its something you’re interested in then its completely legit, I’ve just got a problem with the major news outlets going on about this. What should be reported are incidents such as peaceful protestors and journalists being arrested outside the RNC yesterday, just for talking to police officers or marching etc…THATS news, but CNN, Fox and all the rest wont touch it. Palin’s daughter is having a child… why should anyone care? It may actually mean that McCain’s picking of her for his VP candidate went beyond personality politics and he knew a lot of this stuff coming out but thought she was the right person for the job. That may be giving the benefit of the doubt of course, but this really doesn’t affect anything.
    The truth is, Obama and McCain aren’t worlds apart when it comes to real policy issues (I’ll take a £50 bet with anyone willing to take it that Obama will intervene militarily in at least 2 sovereign nations as president). I doubt either are really up to the job (Obama needs more experience, whether its a couple more terms in the senate or some executive experience and McCain seems to be just as much of a hawk as Bush and will continue his disastrous policies in most areas).

    The fact that this kind of thing is newsworthy just reflects on what a poor state American journalism and democracy are in these days. It’s almost the same in countries such as the UK etc, but perhaps not quite so terminal.


  21. Sorry Patty V, you missed the mark…

    The quick version, Troopergate is a joke, especially when this all started in 2005, Palin took steps to keep Wooten from getting fired. Flopping Aces did a break down on it.

    Also, get your facts straight on the “Bridge to Nowhere”. She voted for it when it only cost Alaska 40% and voted against it when Washington cut funding to the project and forced her state to pay 80% of the project.

    I am not stupid, if you guys really wanted the true story, you would have actually done the research like I did, but you don’t. The fact is that you guys want the fiction, it allows you to somehow justify all the wrong Obama’s campaign has done, including calling Palin a Nazi sympathizer and disclosing her SIN, Phone number and home address

    That also goes for baby Trigg. They have pictures of her pregnant, and once again, a quick Google search would have given you the truth, but no, you don’t want that do you?

    On the bright side, these attacks have done a lot of good for the Republicans. PUMA is on their side now, and not just them…

    You are pathetic…


  22. Great stuff, drika. And you are right, mudflats has great stuff on it.

    Never mind the jose jimenez crapola. I’ve had similar stuff on my blog. Except he didn’t call me the c-word. For what it’s worth, you look cuter than Sarah Palin. And she’s pretty darn good looking. Keep up the good work.


  23. I am wondering how this week will play out at the Republican convention. Sarah Palin has an uphill fight ahead of her, but at the convention she will be embraced by conservatives who are very excited at the prospect of having her in the White House. I think most other Americans are still in shock over the bad news that keeps coming – not just Troopergate, or voting for the Bridge to Nowhere and then saying she was against it, but issues about separation of church and state. Huffington Post has info today on Palin speaking at her church and asking people to “Pray for . . . this country, that our leaders, our national leaders, are sending [U.S. soldiers] out on a task that is from God.” And asking them to pray that a $30 billion pipeline she wanted built would come to pass (“I think God’s will has to be done in unifying people and companies to get that gas line built, so pray for that.”) In addition to all this is the drama in her personal life. It will be interesting to see what happens.

    In the meantime, feminists are screaming that no one would ever ask if a man were fit for office because of similar problems in his family life. In fact, Joe Biden’s first wife and a daughter were killed in a car wreck just before he was to be sworn in as a senator. He begged off, citing that as a single father of two young boys (and I’m paraphrasing his words here) “America can find another Senator, but my boys can’t find another father.” As it turned out a compromise was made; he was sworn in at his son’s hospital room, allowed to spend more time at home to transition into the Senate job, etc. So the feminists are wrong about men not being held to the same standards.

    I think it would be refreshing if Sarah Palin made a similar announcement. McCain cannot boot her off the ticket at this point, or his whole campaign will be toast. If she were to gracefully resign, her resignation could be gracefully accepted (with words about great regret in doing so, I’m sure) and there might be hope. Even still, it sets McCain back for having poor judgment.

    Here’s the link to Huffington Post:


  24. If you need proof that these pages actually existed, Google indexed them before they were set to private. They are not cached but look:

    “Mommy InLaw, Trig and Myself” right there in the Google index. Google doesn’t lie.

    Or how about
    “y self and my new baby brother, TriggyBear:) Most adorable little man ever.”


  25. Was trying to quote the previous post by using italics, but forgot the closing tag. Anyway, 2nd and 3rd paragraphs are mine.


  26. Do you seriously have to ask this? It was made private because creepy a$$holes like you are poking around in it. Seriously, you leftwing nuts make me sick.

    Picking at leftists for picking at Palin isn’t really the issue here. Palin is a social conservative in the abstinence/pro-life camp. Her daughter’s behavior is in direct opposition to these beliefs. Instead of acknowledging that her daughter should have the right to choose to not throw her life away for a baby with a kid who reminds me of Stiffler in American Pie. Instead, the Republican party is demanding Palin’s daughter to marry this meathead. If that’s not private meddling, I don’t know what is.

    It’s about hypocrisy and the inability to run one’s own household. BTW, all those kids in those flickr pictures are drinking underage. Good job, momma Palin!


  27. hello.

    the guy at flickr i posted above has great screen shots of the myspace pages.

    i expect you to get a lot more action in the coming day as people find all this. your link is spreading fast.

    the connections of this site with others will get this all out there.


  28. Oof, the attacks are starting:

    Name: jose jimenez
    Email: jose_jimenez@******.***

    you forgot to include in your bio blurb that you’re a hideous, retarded cunt.

    Time: Tuesday September 2, 2008 at 3:28 pm
    IP Address:

    Sent by an unverified visitor to your site.

    You are now blocked. And in answer to your accusation, I would say that I am more jolie-laide. Thanks for your time.


  29. This is my flying speculation on the Sadie pics.

    My whole flying speculation started becos I saw the captions on the pics (from Facebook yesterday via the mudflats blog) and thought they didn’t make sense.
    Until I started thinking, what if they are correct, what scenario would fit.

    It had to start with Sadie’s (we have determined the Facebook girls name) mum being the natural mother of Trig.
    It is the only way Sadie could refer to Trig as her little brother.
    So off I went on my flight of fancy from that point. Todd or Track etc
    I have not one iota of evidence to submit but I did have a really fun time.

    My new baby brother TriggyBear etc is photographed with his half sister. The facebook girl Mercede aka Sadie.
    Levi is her brother and the young man who is father of Bristol’s baby. Also engaged to Bristol.
    Sherry ( I think this is the name Sadie’s Bio mentioned a mum and no dad) is Levi and Sadie’s mum. She had Trig to Todd (or Track)and the Palin’s have adopted him.
    “mommy in law” is a reference to Levi and Bristol getting married therefore making Sarah Palin, Mercede’s mother-in-law by marriage.
    Yup everything fits.

    Flying Speculation #1 Trig is Todd and Sherry’s natural son. Sadie/Mercede and Levi’s half bro. Bristol’s half bro.

    Flying Speculation #2 Trig is Track and Sherry’s natural son. Sadie and Levi’s half bro and Bristols nephew.

    An afterthought: Sadie is visiting her mum after Trig’s birth. Holding her wee bro and Sarah is visiting too. Standing beside the chair and looking remarkably fit for a mother having just given birth. But she could be a proud grandmother looking on (FS#2). Or as a proud adoptive mother (FS#1).

    Let me reiterate, I have not one iota of evidence, just flying specualtion about how the captions to the pics could make sense.

    Yr opinions please.


  30. Japheth: The MySpace page was public until yesterday. It went private, which it should have been to begin with. You can’t say it’s to protect children, as these kids are obviously at the age of consent for consensual sex and marriage.
    Of course, curiosity seekers are going to look for what they can find. That doesn’t make one creepy or a leftwing nut.

    Part of the reason for the intense curiosity is that Sarah Palin is on record as supporting abstinence-only programs, which means no sex education for teens. It was her decision to bring her pregnant teenage daughter into the national spotlight. Want to talk about rightwing nuts?

    And the family could have made this announcement two weeks ago. If they had, it would already be yesterday’s news, done and over with, prior to the VP announcement.


  31. @PattyPV: The captions aren’t too incriminating – so why were they taken down and the profile made private? What’s there to hide??

    Do you seriously have to ask this? It was made private because creepy a$$holes like you are poking around in it. Seriously, you leftwing nuts make me sick.


  32. if anyone needs unit structures thorough archive and contextual mapping of the the myspace pages and their connections let me know. i was able to download it.


  33. this one i found from palingate

    Any reporters who want the screenshot of the myspace pages, email me at palingate@gmail


  34. i think unit structures archive really substantiates the pictures and their context. at some level this might become important. maybe he was a bit too thorough and someone doesnt like that. Im sure others have downloaded his archive too, so its out there and hopefully it cant be erased so easily.

    its about a grab for power and the machine will do whatever it takes.

    I still think the original myspace pages are important to post so others can look at them. it gives validity.



  35. Unit Structures has been down for a good while now, literally after I posted links to Radar,and the Tumblr’s that the original bloggers posted the pics on. What’s the buzz , anyone know?


  36. @d: Yes, the page itself is perfect, but I can’t get it permanently onto the blog. Gah.

    Possibly sites are crashing because of unprecedented no. of readers? I’ve certainly never had this many in just a few hours before.


  37. unitstructures archive went down again. while i was reading it.

    i don’t think someone likes those archives out there.


  38. i think a full screen shot of the web page is going to be important to have posted. it validates at some level its authenticity.


  39. For those saying the press isn’t on this:

    Why has it been on (the first link on the front page, mind you) for over 4 hours at least?

    This is not FAKE, whoever thinks so must be a McCain voter (moron).

    The proof is right in your face, and you claim it’s fake? What will you stupid republicans tell yourself next?

    I’m sorry, people who like McCain have obviously never been in the “REAL WORLD” BECAUSE THE GUY DOESN’T SEEM TO KNOW ANYTHING.


  40. I’m glad to see it’s back – I, too, was freaked out.

    But one of the comments points out that the site confirms that Trig is Sarah’s child, not Bristol’s:

    “The captions confirm that Trig is the son of Sarah Palin. The reason Sadie calls the Palin family her in-laws is probably because Levi and Bristol were already engaged back when Trig was born.

    All the captions are from Sadie’s perspective. So Sarah Palin is HER (Sadie’s) mother-in-law, Bristol is her sister-in-law, and Trig is her brother-in-law (being Bristol’s brother).”


  41. Not only that: The prevailing opinion among the good folk in the USA is that one must be a terrible person to dwell on this aspect of a family’s misfortune. Barack Obama even reminded the country that he was born to an 18-year-old mother, and declared children of candidates off-limits for discussion.

    Forget that pictures are being deleted from numbers of websites, and that the truth is being manipulated by people who want our permission to run the country.

    I’ve taken screenshots of the screenshots and saved them, and plan to use them when I blog tomorrow.


  42. @ PattyPV: Yes, they chose a good day to get this news out – a holiday in America and the awfulness in New Orleans. It’s not a holiday here in England, so I keep forgetting. The US press must be running a skeleton crew.

    I agree with the religious folk, that teen pregnancy can happen to any family.

    However, if abortion is vetoed and a quickie marriage is enforced – these things are made far worse.


  43. I’m watching these events unfold from Kansas City, in utter disbelief that more questions are not being raised. It’s the Labor Day holiday, Hurricane Gustav is taking up the news, and the Republican National Convention is about to begin. Most of the religious folk here are rallying around the Palins, saying these things happen in the best of families, and they are doing the right thing.

    Yet others are wondering how a mother could put her teenage daughter in the national spotlight; why on earth, if it is true, did she endanger herself and her unborn child by flying from Texas to Anchorage after amniotic fluid was leaking; and, what was the thought process behind her selection as the candidate for VP?

    I found your site because I, too, was on the MySpace page earlier today, and discovered it had been rendered “private” – so Googled until I found your site. Thank you for preserving the information.

    The family has already taken down pictures from other websites. And the hospital where Trig was born has no information regarding his birth. Something is amiss.

    I can only hope that someone keeps asking questions until the truth is told.


  44. Obviously the press is keeping quiet on this because it’s still in “rumor mode” right now. The mainstream media doesn’t like to pick up on stories that have the sensationalism of a National Enquirer bit. Unfortunately, this sensational story gets more believable with each passing hour.

    Remember how the mainstream media dismissed the John Edwards affair rumors as “useless lies” for months before they finally admitted it was real news and had to pick up on it?

    All good stories start on the web these days…mainstream media is a groaning, inefficient old mule compared to the speed and deftness that bloggers can pursue leads.


  45. I didn’t find the pics – I just followed a link on the Mudflats blog – see my comment above. I dunno what the press are up to…

    What mercede says in the picture captions isn’t too bad, but the pics themselves are strange – if Bristol is just a sister, where are the other Palin siblings? Papa Palin? And why have they suddenly been taken down?


  46. I think unit structured captured quite a bit of the pages but not all of them. i looked through his archive. I have screen captures from the mercede named girl’s myspace pages. I’m not sure who sadie is yet. things are moving quick. Anyway i have the pages, they exist if someone ever needs them. i’d have to just figure out the best way to get them transmittable. I can open them on my computer here and have folders with all the pieces.


  47. Hard to imagine that you or anyone could find these pics and the press couldn’t. And hard to imagine that, if you did, you wouldn’t have informed the press. As well, if baby Trig was the child of this young woman’s brother, he’d be her nephew. Not her brother. You’d think she’d have realized that!


  48. Palin is so sunk.

    To the first poster who said “why didn’t you log in,” the answer is that unless a user makes their pictures totally private, they can be viewed publicly. It says “please log in to view additional albums and photos from this user.”

    If you had a myspace (welcome to the 21st century), you wouldn’t have asked this dunce-y question.

    Palin is done.


  49. Drika, thanks for reply.. in my many attempts at viewing myspace profiles, I have ALWAYS had to login to view peoples’ pics, private or public… maybe they changed it oh well!

    And thanks to D for that myspace pics link.


  50. “The real issue is not Governor Sarah Palin. It’s about John McCain’s lack of judgment in not properly vetting his VP.”

    Yes, I agree.

    I feel so sorry for that girl.


  51. This story still smells fishy, whether or not it involves Bristol, something is not right with the known facts. These are the March announcement that she’s having a baby, which shocked everyone, even those who worked closed with her. Then we have multiple photos & LA Newsweek interview in Jan, Feb & Mar, where she is 5 to 7 months pregnant, but looks far from. And the “?” regarding the Texas trip of labor…Who in the world, after going into labor pains and showing fluids, would risk an 8 hour plane trip when you are premature as well as know your child is down syndrome. If nothing else, she demonstrates a horrible lack of judgment.

    Now couple this bizarre story with missing photos of Palin from Jan to Mar and the Mat-Su Regional Hospital, where Trig was born, being taken offline yesterday and now Trig Palin’s birth is missing from the April 18th nursery postings. Either we are going to hear about a miscarriage in the next couples months (likely to be after the election) or they are hiding something that must be more damaging.

    The real issue is not Governor Sarah Palin. It’s about John McCain’s lack of judgment in not properly vetting his VP.


  52. I actually for some reason captured all the complete myspace pages from the mercede girl. i had a feeling they were going to go away pretty quick. i have them if needed.


  53. Hello,

    Afraid I’m not that good a photoshopper! I found the links in the comments section of this blogpost:

    Take a look for yourself, although there’s now not much left on the internet to see.

    Yes, I didn’t have to log in to see all this stuff 20 mins ago, then whoever it was logged in and started deleting and making things private as I was looking at the photos! So I only managed the one screengrab.

    I’m not voting McCain – I can’t vote – I’m British. You need to deliver that message to people who can vote.


  54. How did you get into the pictures when there’s a “please login” at the top of your picture? (almost cut out)

    You can’t view someones myspace pictures WITHOUT logging in first…

    Fishy my friend, fishy… looks like you photoshopped it if you ask me.

    Anyways, if you vote for McCain you are a true dumbass, he doesn’t know politics (admitted on news), thinks there is a IRAQ/PAKISTAN border (Iraq doesn’t even touch Pakistan) and he said on the news he doesn’t know where his own houses are…

    Sorry, only a TRUE MORON would vote for this stupid old man.


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