Archive of Sarah, Bristol, Trig Palin myspace pictures

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Mommy Inlaw Trig and Myself
My big brother, and best Friend♥

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I like the comma in American headlines, I think England needs it.

36 thoughts on “Archive of Sarah, Bristol, Trig Palin myspace pictures

  1. Come to find out that, during the “oil crisis” in the 1970’s, folks in the USA learned how to cut their oil consumption. In half.

    But hey, the good times came back. We went back to gas guzzling and relying on imported oil. Fast forward to 2008 with Rudy Giuliani leading the chant of “Drill Baby Drill!” at the RNC.

    Then this past week the powers that be (read: Republican) finally paid the piper for what they did in 2007 – doing away with the “uptick rule” in the stock market. (see Financial houses that should remain stable have gone down the toilet. And it was our own govenment that has led us down this path. What makes Wall Street tremble will filter down to Main Street soon enough. My friends are losing their jobs, many are losing their homes, taking second jobs to pay for the gas to commut to their first job, and cannot afford health insurance.

    And unbelievably folks are still talking about pro-life vs. pro-choice, as if a woman’s right to choose is not her own personal decision. In the meantime, the USA has a dismal newborn and maternal death rate. (

    Hey – Republican values mandate that after they’re born, mother and child can die in hospital, or in this economy they can starve while freezing to death in the dark.


  2. Jessica Tufts: “Let my try to spell it out for you.” Hahaha! Speaking of spelling. You sound like a dumb junior college secretary at the wheat mill in Wisconsin. Leave it to smart people to talk for you.


  3. […] Archive of Sarah, Bristol, Trig Palin myspace pictures – The four most important ones, with the captions. My self and my new baby brother, TriggyBear:) Most adorable little man ever. Family Love♥. Mommy Inlaw Trig and Myself. My big brother, and best Friend♥ …  Listen to this postSocial BookmarkingTags: Bristol,levi-johnston,mccain,Sarah Palin,sarah-palin,Trig Palin,trig-palin,wasillaTags: […]


  4. The next vice prezi of the US will be a SUPER TOP MILF (whose views are so extreme I can hardly believe she is serious… maybe it’s just some joke?)


  5. Jessica, does access to birth control factor into your choice in becoming pregnant?

    Scott: all the pregnancy stuff aside, which is just meant to distract us, here’s a summary of what she’s accomplished in her political career:

    And this is a letter written by someone from her hometown:

    If you look at her record, she has a history as a “tax and spend” conservative (the city of Walsilla had no debt when she took office and was $20 million in debt when she left) and of engaing in corruption herself in several instances. She also slashed funding for a program that helps teen moms without homes become productive independent adults. I guess if you’re a teen mom and you have a wealthy family like Palin’s you’re okay, but if you’re poor or need to leave a bad home life, you can just suck it up and live on the street.


  6. “Sarah Palin’s politics aren’t big on choice in pregnancy.”

    Actually, her politics, like mine, are very big on choice in pregnancy. But they’re not big on choice in abortion. Do you understand the difference?

    If not, let my try to spell it out for you. Choice in pregnancy means a woman should never, ever be forced to become pregnant against her will. I zealously support choice in pregnancy and I’m sure Sarah Palin does too.

    Once a woman has become pregnant, however, the situation becomes completely different. Because now it’s no longer “her body” which would be most impacted by the choice to abort. No, it’s someone else’s body — namely, her child’s — which will be dismembered if the mother chooses abortion.


  7. Hi Trig,

    I love your name. That’s my name too. I was born in 1944, my mom wanted a cool name, and she picked Trig. I love it. It believe it has formed my personality, which most everyone is happy with. I love saying, hi, this is Trig, and everyone knowing who it is.

    Everyone love my name, and I am sure they will all love you and your name.

    Congratulations Mom, I am so proud of you.

    Trig Simon


  8. Come on people. There is no way Sarah Palin delivered Trig. That is simply impossible. Show the birth certificate!!

    I do not care that Bristol is “supposedly” pregnant right now. Sarah Palin DID NOT deliver Trig.


  9. I don’t know who Levi is, or Mercede (ar we missing an S?) or Trig…if Sara Palin is the MOM, why would she be the MOMMY IN LAW? I don’t get crap!


  10. Am I missing something? If Levi is Mercede’s brother and Trig is Bristol’s brother, then Trig is Mercede’s brother-in-law or “baby brother” – at least, that will be so when Bristol and Levi get married. And Sarah Palin will be bro’s mother-in-law which, in certain very close families, may lead to his sister calling her “Mommy-in-law”. Makes sense to me. What’s the problem?


  11. Through all the anger and sarcasm of the comments I’ve been listening to Chet Baker. What a sweet sound. And leave this whole baby thing alone. Its private. But why was Sarah Palin chosen as a possible VP. Why does everything in American come across as a reality show? Blood pressure going up! I’ve got to bet back to Chet Baker.


  12. I still don’t think any of this has anything to do with her ability to be VP (her daughter being pregnant that is). If people will give her a chance I think she will show how much like “middle america” she really is and will do a great job.


  13. Wow! Just viewed Suchandra’s photo archive of Palins.

    Sarah Palin certainly is more preoccupied with her gadgetry than with that baby, who is being held like a sack of potatoes! Bristol definitely seems more motherly in the pix.

    DOUBLE-WOW! Amazing, how SKINNY the mother is, compared with how THICK the daughter is, in the People photo-shoot picture!

    How could ANY mother DO this to her daughter?? This woman cannot be trusted. She does NOT belong in our White House.


  14. Sarah Palin does NOT look like she just gave birth at all in that “mommy in law” photo. She looks so incredibly fit, no freakin’ way. It’s so obvious there’s a cover-up going on. Either Bristol has not lost the baby weight yet, or she’s knocked up with #2. God save the White House, it’s gonna turn into the White Trash House if the Palins get in there.


  15. […] Suchandrika wrote an interesting post today on Archive of Sarah, Bristol, Trig Palin myspace picturesHere’s a quick excerptThe four most important ones, with the captions. My self and my new baby brother, TriggyBear:) Most adorable little man ever. Family Love♥. Mommy Inlaw Trig and Myself. My big brother, and best Friend♥ … […]


  16. The thing that gets me that the media or noone seems to be touching is how this reflects on Sarah Palins choices. I’m not talking about the abstenance – thats up the kid. I’m talking she took the VP nomination fully knowing that this would come out and put her child under intense media scrutiny. What sort of parent would put their child thru this to futher their career. Family values indeed.


  17. Certain people of a Republican persuasion want to make the internet interest into some kind of judgement on Bristol Palin being a teen mom… they really want to spin it that way. I’m not getting that at all – no one feels anything but sympathy for her. However, how much choice did she have? Sarah Palin’s politics aren’t big on choice in pregnancy. So if Bristol gets a choice, and a wealthy supportive family, that’s not really indicative of how Palin would legislate for other teen moms who aren’t her daughter and who aren’t from wealthy supportive families.

    Also, the thing about Trig’s parentage is just so damn interesting.

    Well, the only thing is to keep digging, I guess…

    Thanks for the link Kelly!


  18. Thank you, thank you for posting this. The US mainstream media is attacking bloggers for talking about Bristol Palin’s pregnancy—meanwhile NO ONE (at least on TV) is talking about who Trig’s mother is. I’m linking to you now!


  19. Interesting background on the Bristol Palin’s pregnancy and the father:

    Bristol Palin’s pregnancy was an open secret back home

    Mark Okeson, the assistant principal at Wasilla High School, told the Chicago Tribune that Bristol started her junior year last fall, in the town where Sarah Palin grew up.
    He said Bristol inexplicably transferred to an Anchorage high school midyear, leaving Levi behind.
    “I never heard the story why,” he said.

    Bristol left the school she attended with Levi, the father, and went to a new school in the middle of the school year. But no one knows why?

    The rumors are she was out with mononucleosis for most of Spring 2008.

    What happened to make her leave her former school midyear?


  20. Sarah Palin is opposed to Sex Ed., but prefers abstinence as a means of birth control.
    Yeah, that strategy really worked in her daughter’s case, aye!

    The bad news: Bristol Palin is pregnant.
    The GOOD NEWS: It was an immaculate conception!
    Should play right into the hands of the Evangelicals, aye?!
    The baby’s name will be Gustav.

    They weren’t sure if the “young man” was going to marry her, but Bush sent Dick Cheney over with a shotgun, just for a little “talk.”

    See my blog for photo.


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