America: Just quietly replace Sarah Palin with Tina Fey

No one will mind, honest.

“And I can see Russia from my house!” In a little Liz-Lemon-mocking voice!

Lovely. She gets that annoying accent and those patronising teacherly hand gestures down pat.

Lehman Brothers what now?

Full video over on the NBC website

Look out for “Your pageant sash and YOUR TINA FEY GLASSES!”


  1. @Daners: True, you still don’t want Republicans anywhere near the white building, but you’d hope that Fey could swing them round to her point of view.

    @jhazzaisworld : I didn’t realise that she was such a good mimic!


  2. This skit was so hilarious that my eyes still water from laughin’ so hard! Tina Fey was definitely on a bullet aimed straight for our heads about Sarah Palin. What an awesome performance!


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