Don’t harass the newly-exposed BNP members


Well, it’s better to listen to someone and try to understand their reasons, rather than act because of a knee-jerk reaction, in the style of their political party. Plus, their Ethnic Liaison Committee [!] and fundraisers at a pub by Liverpool Street station sound fab-u-lous!

Also, these more fun reasons:

[Party leader Nick Griffin] told the BBC the party would use [the] Human Rights Act to try to protect the identities of its members, despite the BNP being against the European legislation.

Okay… furthermore:

At the Apostolic Church in Holbeach, Lincolnshire, the Rev Robert West was unrepentant.

“I am a member of the BNP since May 2006,” he said. “That’s public knowledge. God has divided the nations for their own good. Every race needs their space. But I get on with the ethnic minorities,” he insisted. “I love them really.”

Cute! The kind of love that comes with a ready-made short-on-syllables chant!

Here’s a lovely reaction to the leak from Simon Darby, BNP spokesman, taxpayer-funded public servant and bloggeur [what’s a ‘naturalist’?]:

“If we find out the name of the person who published this list, it will turn out to be one of the most foolish things they have done in their life. I wouldn’t want to have done that — I wouldn’t be sleeping very well tonight. We are worried because children’s names are on the list. It is not information that should be in the public domain. We are always receiving death threats. No true nationalist would have put the lives and livelihoods of fellow nationalists at risk.”

If you’re receiving death threats that often for a lifestyle choice, you’ve got to question the choice just a little. Also, something in there sounded vaguely threatening. Can’t think what.

Lastly (scroll to the bottom):

Are you a member of the BNP? Were your details published online? Contact us using the form below. Your contact details will not be published.

Haha, BBC! You jokers! Anyway, they won’t fall for it. They’re already planning on getting rid of you:

Online Democracy Poll

Should the BBC license tax be abolished

  • No
  • Yes
  • Yes, so should the BBC!
  • As above, and made to pay us back every penny we have ever been taxed!
  • No, they’re great value for money, completely unbiased, impartial and politically neutral

View Results

Total Votes: 16398 Started: September 21, 2008

*Interactive section*

BNP member proximity search: For when you need a good moan about how this country is going to the dogs

From Twitter, how to find the list:


Not linking directly to the list here because I don’t think it’s a lovely thing to release all their contact details and their kids’ identities. Their names and occupations are pretty fair game though. If you know enough to be shamed by membership of the BNP, you know enough not join, surely?

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I like the comma in American headlines, I think England needs it.

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