A good post from Vice

I only ever look at Vice magazine for the Dos & Don’ts, which can occasionally lead to a lol, but this article is sensitively written, on a subject that should be talked about much more openly. My favourite paragraph is after the jump:

One in hundred people will have an episode of schizophrenia – you see people walking around with earmuffs in summer or headphones unplugged and often these are coping mechanisms. Auditory hallucinations are very persistent – like small children, telling them to be quiet or threatening them just doesn’t work. It is like your inner monologue, the wanky one that insists you’re a twat, becomes self-sufficient – it no longer needs you to exist and like a coke-fueled motor-mouthed rant it goes on interminably. Only you hear it as a constant outside noise.

Inner monologues gone wild/autonomous. If only we could see the illness like that more often, rather than demonising the sufferers in this way, or in this. I’m amazed that reading Vice led to posting this. Well done, Vice.

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I like the comma in American headlines, I think England needs it.

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