Things people have googled about Amanda Knox this week…

… which presumably led them to this post on this blog.

Prepare to have one of these 😦

In order of most-googled:

chris mellas

christopher mellas [Knox’s stepfather]

amanda knox smoking

amanda knox sex list – what even is that?!

foxy knoxy myspace

amanda knox recent photos

pretty amanda knox

amanda knox still guilty

amanda knox myspace entries

amanda knox is beautiful

who is chris mellas

amanda knox at university of washington

young amanda knox

amanda knox recent pictures

chris mellias

edda mellas christopher mellas christopher

amanda knox smokes

daily mail foxy knoxy

how did foxy knoxy get her name?

edda and chris mellas pictures

amanda knox crazy eyes

proof that amanda knox is guilty

photos of amanda knox and rap

amanda knox drunk

mellas chris

pictures of amanda knox and rap

amanda knox back in seattle

amanda knox arrest in seattle for playing loud music

details of amanda knox case

chris mellas perugia lovers

pictures of amanda knox eyes

chris mel as

amanda knox teenager

amanda knox headlines

christoper mellas

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I like the comma in American headlines, I think England needs it.

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