Vietnam: Halong Bay to Hue

This was the first thing I saw on Christmas morning

Incredible. Our Vietnam tour group was lucky enough to spend Christmas Eve and Day on a boat in Halong Bay, the most beautiful place in the world.

After our early morning 2-hour tour of Hanoi, we made the 4-hour journey to Halong Bay, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Vietnam is a great place to go if you like boats, as I do – it’s so watery – and the waters in the bay are very calm and still, so shouldn’t cause seasickness. We were pretty luck with the weather on Christmas Eve, it was much clearer than usual for that tome of year.

On a clear day…

People live in little floating houses around the bay. I saw babies and dogs trundling about!

Salty sea dog…

There are also caves to climb, and a beach that’s part of Titop Island. There are steps cut into the mountain so that you can climb up to the pagoda at the peak.

Titop Island

There are also huge eerily-lit caves to explore!

Sung Sot Cave

We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day on the boat, exploring all these parts of the bay. There was also the option of going kayaking, which gives you a closer look at the amazing little caves and islands dotted about. I could’ve spent days there! It was a magical place to have Christmas, absolutely unforgettable. And don’t worry, we did have a Christmas tree (they love the festive season over there!)…

O Tannenbaum!
O Tannenbaum!

After we left the boat, it was back to Hanoi to catch the Reunification Express train to Hue. Now there’s a tale…

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