Blogging about blogging: the blogpost

Blogging is life

There’s nothing quite like a workshop to get you inspired is there? I spent most of today talking about the art of blogging, thanks to Media Trust and Tempero. Did you know that 8/10 internet dwellers would read blog headlines, but only 2/10 will carry on to read the whole post? See you both after the jump then…!

The session was run by Eliza Flynn of Healthy Living London, and attended by comms people from the likes of Asthma UK, Personal Support Unit, SSAFA and World Jewish Relief – an interestingly diverse bunch. Still, we found ourselves still coming up against the same problems in the workplace: convincing colleagues of the importance of external comms, getting colleagues to stand by their promises of writing a blog post (or a listicle, or notes – please?!) and trying not to be boring ourselves.

Eliza made the point that 75% of companies outsource their blog writing, which also means that expertise and passion are lost. It’s better by far to keep blog writing in-house (readers find it more authentic, and love the idea of seeing behind the scenes), so comms people need to keep on badgering their colleagues to get involved! After all, don’t they want to be seen as thought leaders?


I particularly liked the section contrasting blog posts with news articles. Coming from a news background and working with charity news on a daily basis, it was a useful reminder for me that blog posts tend towards the personal, or the feature-y – generally, more fun than your average news story, with more opportunity to use a friendly tone (and build personality into the brand), more freedom in terms of structure (my goal is 100% kitten-themed infographic) and openness to letting images carry more of the story (Exhibit A: Buzzfeed vs Exhibit B: Buzzfeed).

[Also, please never use a sentence as long or as clause-y as that last one on a blog, ever.]

blog content

That list should get you sorted if you’re ever stuck for a topic.

Eliza set us a useful exercise, to write a structured blog post for our organisations. I conjured up a guest post by the RSPCA press officer who’d sent over an amazing story about the post-rescue BFF-dom of a huge mastiff and a tiny chihuahua*. After banging on about its brilliance for some hours, I eventually tweeted the pic to give the team a bit of that ‘and finally’ magic:

Now that’s a picture that carries a story.

And there you have it, a blog post about blogging! What are your top tips?

Thanks to @EmmaAlmousawi @CoralSummers and @Tempero for hosting!

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I like the comma in American headlines, I think England needs it.

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