Gearing up for MojoFest


I’ll be heading to Galway in a few days’ time to join MojoFest 2018.

It’s a celebration of the growing global community of professional smartphone content creators, of which I’ve been one for a while.

Above is a classic Mojo setup I’ve used for sit-down interviews, while below is the kit I usually keep in my bag, and whip out for more off-the-cuff interviews.


I’ve started to prefer using the light little pistol grip arrangement above for demonstrations as well, which are classic Facebook Live events.


That setup gives greater stability to the filming, while remaining pretty unobstrusive – it’s easy to continue to make eye contact with an interview subject while holding the phone in place.

Screen Shot 2018-05-25 at 20.18.43

Here’s a screenshot from the live I went on to shoot. This interview with an Irish nurse at the NHS March started off super-quiet – I’d forgotten to hand her one of the double-headed lavalier mics – things improved a whole lot once a certain @Danoogie whatsapped me to say the audio needed a boost.

Overall, the two FB Lives I did from the march (after losing 4G) netted an audience of 250k for Mirror Politics – really pleased with that!

Screen Shot 2018-05-25 at 22.53.48

So, MojoFest is the place to go to discover new tech, listen to experts and meet other people who regularly film on their phones.

The last category of Mojo-ers is the most helpful. Filming, and the new categories of filming on mobile and filming for social, is all about trial and error.

It’s about building up new layers of skills, from framing to lighting to audio to not looking yourself in the damn eye when on selfie mode – look into the lens. THE LENS!

You can see in the video above that I concentrated on framing, to the detriment of the lighting and sound 😦

One day I’ll master it…

I’ll be updating this blog from Galway, and here are some Mojo-ers to follow on Twitter:







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