Episode 4: Movies are the memories of our lifetime, with film critic Ryan Gilbey

This week’s guest is film critic Ryan Gilbey, who’s a self-confessed “creature of print,” as he started out on The Independent’s film desk 24 years ago, after winning a competition. He now writes for The Guardian, The Sunday Times and New Statesman.

We met back in 2006 when he was my tutor on a part-time Film Journalism course at the British Film Institute in London.

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Ryan has seen journalism shift from print to digital, and that’s affected how filmmakers and actors approach interviews. I’ve come up against that in my work too, and my interview with actress Natalie Dormer for New Statesman a few weeks ago is useful reading as well.

Ryan also has excellent tales about Martin Scorsese, Michael Caine, David Fincher and many more celluloid luminaries…

You can find Ryan’s work here.









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