Episode 5: Chaos with Ed Miliband’s podcast!

Radio and podcast producer Emma Corsham pops onto this episode of the podcast, and I relentlessly ask her questions about former Labour leader Ed Miliband, who hosts one of the pods that she produces, Reasons to be Cheerful.

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It was a simple choice and inescapable choice back in spring 2015, wasn’t it? Stability and strong government with incumbent Prime Minister David Cameron, or chaos with Ed Miliband. We, the British people, did not choose chaos with Ed Miliband.

All the Brexit palaver has sent the political news cycle spinning faster than ever, but there’s one politician who’s having a gentle bit of fun with it: yes, non-chaos-maker, Ed Miliband.

First, he tweets at Theresa May ahead of her party’s no-confidence-in-her-vote: “if it goes wrong tonight I can promise you a bright future in podcasting.”

He would know, Reasons to be Cheerful is doing pretty well.

Secondly, Ed really doubled down on all this stuff, and put an edited version of the chaos tweet on an Ed Stone (please google that) on the front of his Christmas card.

Emma Corsham joins me on this episode Freelance Pod with * the card * to talk about how Theresa May might fare as a podcaster, the Geoffocracy and, inevitably, shark movies.

Emma works on a range of podcasts, and she can help you produce one too, so look her up!



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