Episode 6: Celebrating 30 years of the internet with the love lives of gay men

I’ve known this episode’s guest a long time, since we were both undergraduates at Oxford back in the Noughties.

Oli went into making films, and he’s made an impressive number over the decade since graduating.

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Oli’s also been made redundant three times (same as me!), so he’s very well-placed to talk about the ups and downs of making films in a digital age.

His latest project is making a short film with the BBC and BFI to celebrate 30 years of the internet, by looking at how gay men have met each over the years.

The film is very much about analogue becoming digital, and how society has changed so much over recent decades.

His career in film reflects huge industry changes too. See the crowdfunder for his film here, every penny helps.

You can find Oli on Twitter here: @moreolimason







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