Episode 16: Anna Codrea-Rado’s Fair Pay For Freelancers open letter

Freelance journalist, author and campaigner Anna Codrea-Rado is this episode’s guest. I was lucky to meet Anna (Twitter: @annacod) at a journalism event about a week or so after my redundancy last May, because she is so positive, but also practical, about making a freelance career work.

At the time, I was just about keeping the feelings of panic repressed, while I tried to learn what freelancing is all about… [still learning, btw]

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Anna is the author of the free First Aid for Freelancers e-book, The Professional Freelancer weekly newsletter and she’s the brains behind the huge #FairPayForFreelancerscampaign. In a climate where editorial jobs are less safe than ever, Anna has done a lot of work to help other freelancers feel equipped to deal with embarking on a different career path, and also to feel part of a community.

We don’t just talk about the business side of freelancing on this episode though, as important as that is. Anna firmly feels that her career couldn’t have taken off as it has if she’d stayed in her staff job at Vice. She takes us through the best story she’s written – involving her grandfather and a commission for The Paris Review – and the time her hero, BBC 6 Music presenter Mary Anne Hobbs, invited her onto a panel!

First Aid For Freelancers: https://www.annacodrearado.com/first-aid-for-freelancers
The Professional Freelancer: https://www.annacodrearado.com/newsletter
#FairPayForFreelancers campaign: https://twitter.com/annacod/status/1092745531112243201




















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