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  • I’ve pitched, produced and presented a ‘bingeworthy’ podcast (according to Apple Podcasts), Black Mirror Cracked
  • I’m now producing and presenting my second podcast, Freelance Pod
  • I’m keen to collaborate on new audio projects – contact me if that sounds like you…

Here’s my voiceover profile and voice reel

Here’s my Mandy profile

Radio / Podcast

I produce and host Freelance Pod. It’s about how the internet has revolutionised work.

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Freelance Pod can be found on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter too. Like visuals? It’s on YouTube too.

Here’s the trailer:

On a panel with Edith Bowman, Ruth Fitzsimons of Audioboom and Neil Cowling of Fresh Air Productions, trying to answer the question “Podcasts: What’s the Point?” at Radio Audio Week 2019.

Here I am talking about Freelance Pod and other audio things on the latest Radio Today Roundtable podcast:

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The Black Mirror Cracked podcast: achieved 150,000 listens in 5 months

Black Mirror Cracked is binge-worthy

It spent most of its run on the front page of iTunes on the Bingeworthy carousel, and in the TV & Film Top 10

> Here’s the video from my speaking slot at Next Radio 2018:

> I’m featured from 12:40 onwards on the Radio Today podcast episode from Next Radio:

Here’s a snippet of my spotlight talk about the pod at journalism conference, News Rewired: videoaudio; text

Here are two clips from the interview podcast, with Black Mirror creators Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones:

> Here I am being interviewed at MojoFest 2018 by (from 22:20 onwards):

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> The podcast below was recorded after I spoke on a panel at the National Student Radio Association Conference

> I’ve appeared on three episodes of Dear Reader, a literary podcast

@SuchandrikaC | | LinkedIn | 

> I was interviewed on BBC Radio about my job at the time, editing a newswire for charity stories