Rollerbladers take over Angel

Edited on my phone! Thanks to my supporting artists, Will, Brian and Joe.

Working at Guardian Creative

Is rather nice. They’ve been playing the Manic Street Preacher’s 1996 album, Everything Must Go. I used to love that album when I was 13. Here’s my favourite song from it – the single was released right around my 13th birthday and it’s what got me into the band.

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A Celluloid Scrapbook

The FIPRESCI team found a much better picture for this article than I did…

“I’m just a twat from Leytonstone,” says Damon Albarn in the documentary BANANAZ (Ceri Levy, UK, 2008), which had its world premiere last night in Panorama Dokumente. The quote is typical of the film’s filthy, silly humour, which also encompasses a giant penis and fart gags. BANANAZ is able to take such an intimate look at its subject, the animated band Gorillaz, thanks to the director’s friendship with the group. It is this quality that was missing, or felt manufactured, in Martin Scorsese’s Rolling Stones pop promo, SHINE A LIGHT (USA/UK, 2008), which opened this year’s Berlinale.

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Berlinale Press Screening of Madonna’s Filth and Wisdom

Well, I braved the crowd of sharp-elbowed journos and got into the first screening of this little film… more to come after I’ve reviewed it for the Talent Press. Let’s just say, it’s very… British. With a dash of Cock-er-ney Guy Ritchie stuff. Hm… draw your own conclusions. It’s probably not fair of me to say too much before its premiere tomorrow at 10:30am in the Panorama section, so you’ll just have to wait. Sorry!