MojoFest Day 3: Empathy is the future

Stories change us! It’s true. This slide reminds me of a lovely passage from Barack Obama’s memoir, Dreams From My Father.  Obama only met his father twice. Later in the book – as well-written as any novel I’ve read – Obama remembers throwing one of his daughters up in the air and making her laugh, in that joyous, breath-gulping way only babies can. It’s a tiny moment, but he reflects on how the happiness would release chemicals into her brain, shaping and re-shaping the elastic synapses of a child’s mind, which later harden into our personalities. Sincere tweet: Whomever you…

MojoFest Day 2: Intimacy

MojoFest Day 2 was all about intimacy. The internet leaves us feeling both constantly connected but also disconnected, alone. The beauty of mojo is the immediacy, the way it helps establish relationships with viewers. After a rather late night / early morning at a silent disco… Good morning to everyone except the people who made me go to a silent disco last night / this morning 👀#MoJoFest — Suchandrika (@SuchandrikaC) May 30, 2018 … I started my Mojo day a bit later, with the Vlogging and Influencer Marketing session. Vlogging is somewhere between classic mojo and Facebook / Periscope…

MojoFest Day 1: Photography

It’s MojoFest 2018! How could I tell? This is how: The one big sign that you're at #MoJoFest 🎬📱📱📱 — Suchandrika (@SuchandrikaC) May 29, 2018 That’s excellent dedication to Mojo right there! When we talk about Mojo – mobile journalism – we tend to think video. Video, complicated accessories, even more complicated apps that have the temerity to charge us… although apps costing $4,000 and beyond were mentioned today (thanks, @TazGoldstein), so, er, maybe 99p to upgrade to Pro isn’t the end of the world… It was great to go back to photography basics today. I often feel as…

Gearing up for MojoFest

I’ll be heading to Galway in a few days’ time to join MojoFest 2018. It’s a celebration of the growing global community of professional smartphone content creators, of which I’ve been one for a while. Above is a classic Mojo setup I’ve used for sit-down interviews, while below is the kit I usually keep in my bag, and whip out for more off-the-cuff interviews.

I wrote about mindfulness apps for the Mirror

Read the full piece over at the Mirror Like Kate Moss on EasyJet after a week-long detox, we’ve all had things get a bit much for us at times. We’ve got so much to worry about these days, and thanks to our mobiles, we spend far too much time frowning down into our hands, poised to pick up every new notification.

The sad lives of loveless puppets

The cake that started it all If you haven’t heard about the Northern Irish #gaycake row, here’s a useful run-down of it. Such timing, emerging in the same week as Ireland’s history-making referendum on marriage equality. The oddest turn that this continuing story has taken? Well, that would be Sesame Street releasing an official statement about Bert and Ernie’s relationship. Amazing.

Why video needs to be part of your communications strategy

Originally posted on CitizenA: Right off I want to say I am thinking particularly about charities and community groups using social media, but of course it could apply to almost any organisation.  [I should also add that I train charities and community groups to use video, so this is a special interest of mine.] OK. Let’s start with a coupIe of eye catching recent headlines about video “300 hours of video are uploaded to You Tube every minute.”  To put this into perspective, Hollywood in 2013 released 622 feature films.  At an average length of two hours this means  Hollywood produced just…