Episode 3: Music sounds better with you

This episode’s guest is radio and podcast producer Shola Aleje.

Shola works on Lauren Laverne’s BBC 6 Music show, as well as producing podcasts for Emma Gannon, Cherry Healey and Bestival.

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Episode 2: Divided by a common language

This week’s guest is Jordan Gass-Poore’, who’s currently working for US liberal magazine Mother Jones in New York.

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Episode 1: Podcasts are kind of a big deal

Welcome to the first episode of Freelance Pod!

The first guest is audio expert Christina H. Moore. Christina has worked on podcasts for the BBC and for Apple Podcasts, and she now works on podcasts with musicians.

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MojoFest Day 3: Empathy is the future

Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 19.48.38

Stories change us! It’s true.

This slide reminds me of a lovely passage from Barack Obama’s memoir, Dreams From My Father.ย  Obama only met his father twice.

Later in the book – as well-written as any novel I’ve read – Obama remembers throwing one of his daughters up in the air and making her laugh, in that joyous, breath-gulping way only babies can.

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