Street art is so hot right now


[But first: In 11 years’ time, I’ll make a podcast episode about graffiti]

It really is. This is how I know:

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Tate Modern: Street & Studio

Went to the Street & Studio exhibition at the Tate Modern today. It’s an attempt at showing the history of urban photography, from the mid-to-late C19th to the present. Most of the photos were taken in New York, London, Berlin and other Western European cities. There’s also a fun interactive thing on Flickr, allowing you to submit your own urban portraiture for possible inclusion in a book. Now that would be exciting.

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Banksy Book Launch


In 11 years’ time, I’ll make a podcast episode about graffiti

Street art is so hot right now

Someone wrote a book on Banksy. And, as everyone knows, when a book is written, it must be launched. Home Sweet Home, a biography of the artist, was welcomed into the world with a party at Cargo on Rivington Street in east London last night.

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