Extraordinary Rendition: The opposite of documentary

I’ve been hard at work, me.

http://www.renditionfilm.com/?p=200 Extraordinary Rendition, which first caught Netribution’s attention ahead of its premiere at last year’s Edinburgh festival, is due to be released on DVD on 28th April, and broadcast on the BBC in the same week.

Suchandrika Chakrabarti met up with director Jim Threapleton and producer Andy Noble, childhood friends turned filmmaking collaborators, to get an update on the improvised film’s editing and innovative distribution, as well as to discover what “the opposite of documentary” means…

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Chris Rogers: From panto dames to internet auditions

Chris RogersChris Rogers found his latest role through a website. He signed up to Bethemoviestar.com , which he was sure was “a hoax, an absolute hoax.” Luckily for him, it wasn’t. A 30-second clip of his acting was all that was needed to bag him a role in a mobysode called GSOH. It’s also led to his first feature film role, in Rapture.

Suchandrika Chakrabarti met up with Chris in the BFI cafe to find out how he got from pantomime dame roles to feature films, while playing the odd Nazi along the way…

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I’ve been interviewing…

Vicki Psarias: “As a director, you’re a mum, you’re a dad, you’re everything.”

27-year-old director, writer and magazine editor Vicki Psarias has been making films since she was 11 years old. With her TV-experienced dad, George Psarias , on hand as cameraman, she directed a film about litter on the streets of Leeds, where she grew up. As she says, “I was actually directing, which is quite freaky, because I was 10, 11, and I was saying to my dad, get a shot of that over there, quick! Look at this!”

Vicki studied film at Goldsmiths, University of London, and her graduation film, ‘Rifts’, about two warring kebab shop owners, won a number of awards at film festivals, including Best Screenplay at the Portobello Film Festival. Her second short, Broken, was based on the story of her mother and grandmother, who are of Greek Cypriot background, and their experiences of moving to the UK in the 1960s. Vicki is also the editor of Film & Festivals Magazine.

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