Nostalgia: Where’s the best place to buy school uniform?

Gathering together my journo portfolio from ancient days, here's a classic I wrote for the Guardian from September 2006... The new school year means new school clothes. The trouble is there's so much competition, what with blanket advertising by all the high street stores, and parents all trying to find complete outfits in the perfect [...]

The Death of the Author, uh, I mean Newspaper

This is compulsively readable, don't balk at the length. Print it out if that makes it easier for you; you could enjoy the irony of doing so while you're at it. The health of print media has been discussed at some length on this blog before, look over here. For the attention-span-deficit, a quick summary: [...]

“Ha ha! Your medium is dying!” or, Print is Withering

The Simpsons has been none too kind to print media, with the clip above showing Nelson mocking a Washington Post reporter. It's quite a catchy little taunt. Oh dear. Coincidentally (or is it all the media itself is interested in these days? Can't really blame 'em), Roy Greenslade has a big piece in today's MediaGuardian [...]