Banksy Book Launch


In 11 years’ time, I’ll make a podcast episode about graffiti

Street art is so hot right now

Someone wrote a book on Banksy. And, as everyone knows, when a book is written, it must be launched. Home Sweet Home, a biography of the artist, was welcomed into the world with a party at Cargo on Rivington Street in east London last night.

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The Homecoming at The Almeida

Just went to a preview screening performance of it [so used to writing screening]. It’s good – especially Max and Lenny. They really make the lines their own, although they arguably get the best lines. Ruth takes a bit of time to warm up, but she’s such an odd character, I don’t envy her the job. Her lines and her decisions are mad – but the actress made a good go of it. The audience laughed a lot at the sarcasm and bitchiness of the all-male, frustrated household.

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