The sad lives of loveless puppets

The cake that started it all If you haven't heard about the Northern Irish #gaycake row, here's a useful run-down of it. Such timing, emerging in the same week as Ireland's history-making referendum on marriage equality. The oddest turn that this continuing story has taken? Well, that would be Sesame Street releasing an official statement about [...]

Arlesey Remembers You: one year on from crowdfunding

A lovely article on how Crowdfunder helped the Arlesey Remembers You campaign, one of my favourite Community Newswire success stories. Excerpt after the jump... Immediately the appetite and in fact the need for such a community project became obvious. I started to advertise my Crowdfunder page. We have a lively and active Facebook page for [...]

Why video needs to be part of your communications strategy

A great blogpost on the importance of video from a colleague in the know…


Right off I want to say I am thinking particularly about charities and community groups using social media, but of course it could apply to almost any organisation.  [I should also add that I train charities and community groups to use video, so this is a special interest of mine.]

OK. Let’s start with a coupIe of eye catching recent headlines about video

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Blogging about blogging: the blogpost

There's nothing quite like a workshop to get you inspired is there? I spent most of today talking about the art of blogging, thanks to Media Trust and Tempero. Did you know that 8/10 internet dwellers would read blog headlines, but only 2/10 will carry on to read the whole post? See you both after [...]