10 reasons I love Peru! Part 2

Machu Picchu
Sundrenched Machu Picchu

Part 1’s here

6) Machu Picchu

It’s what everyone asks about when you mention Peru. No, I didn’t trek there (so glad), yes it is incredible, but no the air isn’t too thin (Cusco is where you’ll have the trouble).

The Incan city of Machu Picchu is located 8000 feet above sea level, so just before you get into altitude sickness zone (that’s 9000 feet, aka Cusco). We were lucky to visit on a beautifully warm sunny day, as you can see above. It is oddly thrilling to think that the Spanish conquistadors had no idea that this place existed, even though it may only just have been abandoned around the time they arrived (1532).

The location, up in the mountains and the clouds, is breathtaking. Getting around the site itself is somewhat physically challenging, and some paths are very narrow and without guardrails. Still, it is an experience without parallel. We spent about 6 hours there, from 6am to midday, definitely aim for the early tickets!

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