A little bit more Berlinale

Gotta love Berlinale comments.

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Extraordinary Rendition: The opposite of documentary

I’ve been hard at work, me.

http://www.renditionfilm.com/?p=200 Extraordinary Rendition, which first caught Netribution’s attention ahead of its premiere at last year’s Edinburgh festival, is due to be released on DVD on 28th April, and broadcast on the BBC in the same week.

Suchandrika Chakrabarti met up with director Jim Threapleton and producer Andy Noble, childhood friends turned filmmaking collaborators, to get an update on the improvised film’s editing and innovative distribution, as well as to discover what “the opposite of documentary” means…

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A Celluloid Scrapbook

The FIPRESCI team found a much better picture for this article than I did…

“I’m just a twat from Leytonstone,” says Damon Albarn in the documentary BANANAZ (Ceri Levy, UK, 2008), which had its world premiere last night in Panorama Dokumente. The quote is typical of the film’s filthy, silly humour, which also encompasses a giant penis and fart gags. BANANAZ is able to take such an intimate look at its subject, the animated band Gorillaz, thanks to the director’s friendship with the group. It is this quality that was missing, or felt manufactured, in Martin Scorsese’s Rolling Stones pop promo, SHINE A LIGHT (USA/UK, 2008), which opened this year’s Berlinale.

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The Homecoming at The Almeida

Just went to a preview screening performance of it [so used to writing screening]. It’s good – especially Max and Lenny. They really make the lines their own, although they arguably get the best lines. Ruth takes a bit of time to warm up, but she’s such an odd character, I don’t envy her the job. Her lines and her decisions are mad – but the actress made a good go of it. The audience laughed a lot at the sarcasm and bitchiness of the all-male, frustrated household.

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