LFF review: We Need to Talk about Kevin

From Netribution: Warning: spoilers (as far as I can spoil the plot of a very famous 8-year-old book for you) Ah. "We need to talk about Kevin." The words that the eponymous Kevin (Ezra Miller/Jasper Newell/ Rocky Duer)'s mother Eva (Tilda Swinton) never manages to say to her sweet, blinkered husband Franklin (John C Reilly). [...]

LFF review: Shame

From Netribution: Artist/director Steve McQueen's second feature (following 2008's Hunger), follows the unravelling New York existence of sex addict Brandon (Michael Fassbender). Living alone, he (seemingly) happily picks up girls in bars, orders prostitutes like takeout and masturbates in the work loos after watching porn on his computer. It's a tad compulsive, but his outward [...]

Things people have googled about Amanda Knox this week…

... which presumably led them to this post on this blog. Prepare to have one of these 😦 In order of most-googled: chris mellas christopher mellas [Knox's stepfather] amanda knox smoking amanda knox sex list - what even is that?! foxy knoxy myspace amanda knox recent photos pretty amanda knox amanda knox still guilty amanda [...]

Amnesty International: “Is technology really good for human rights?”

Above is the panel for tonight: L-R that's Guardian Blogs Editor Kevin Anderson; Annabelle Sreberny of SOAS; Rory Cellan-Jones of the BBC and Susan Pointer of Google (link to a video). SP: "We at Google believe that open is better than closed." But what about private info, as with people seeing who you email when [...]

DVD Review: (500) Days of Summer

From Netribution As dedications go, the one to (500) Days of Summer tells you immediately that we are definitely not in rom-com land anymore, Toto: "Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. Especially you Jenny Beckman. Bitch.” Wow. And although the film is fun, occasionally true and makes you feel incredibly sorry for [...]