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November 2020: Chatted about Freelance Pod for Falmouth’s MA Journalism

Freelance Pod hit 10,000 downloads in summer 2020, so I celebrated by… giving an online masterclass on audience growth:

Freelance Pod was live at the Boulevard Theatre Soho in November 2019:

October 2019: Freelance Pod was live at the London College of Communication October 2019 to celebrate the Refugee Journalism Project

October 2019: Freelance Pod has been shortlisted for the prestigious Lovie Awards (European version of The Webby Awards!) in the category Podcasts – Best Host!!

Screen Shot 2019-09-24 at 14.56.54

September 2019: I hosted a Freelance Pod live recording at the London Podcast Festival!

Freelance Pod tells stories about creativity and the digital revolution.

Twitter: @freelance_pod_ • 📸 Insta: freelancepod • Images by Natalie Barbara

A bit about my guest, Abdulwahab Tahhan: he’s a Syrian refugee who’s been in England for six years; a stand-up comedian, a journalist and a university lecturer; and he’s working on a podcast featuring refugees telling their own stories of settling into life in the UK.

April 2019: Freelance Pod has been featured on BBC Radio 4! 

Listen to the full show here:

@SuchandrikaCLinkedIn | Newsletter

Please enjoy my very first time on live radio, back in 2014!

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Episode 50 – Alex Farrow on how stand-up comedy and teaching inform each other

Episode 49 – “I’ve found a lot of positives from being on Twitter” – comedian and PR Vix Leyton on how her two careers work together in a digital age

Episode 48 – Critiquing the media in a digital age, with Mic Wright and his newsletter, Conquest of the Useless

Episode 47 – The future of work is everyone using their influence, with writer Lauren Razavi

Episode 46 – From the Egyptian revolution to pandemic lockdown, with Kim Fox of The American University in Cairo

Episode 45 – “Dialling down the feminism” with writer and comedian Alex Bertulis-Fernandes

Episode 44 – “Grief is an incredibly creative experience” – Author Flora Baker on self-publishing The Adult Orphan Club

Episode 43 – MEL Magazine deputy editor Alana Levinson on what The Great Solicited Dick Pic Experiment reveals about digital journalism

Episode 42 – From Anonymous Animals to Animal Crossing: Marie Foulston’s lockdown party in a spreadsheet

Episode 41 – “Content is one of the beautiful things about the internet” – Book editor Parul Bavishi on writing in a pandemic

Episode 40 – Imposter syndrome, social media and getting through a pandemic lockdown

Episode 39 – Live show with Smoke & Mirrors author Gemma Milne at The Boulevard Theatre Soho

Episode 38 – Grieving our mothers online, with author Rachel Vorona Cote

Episode 37 – “A box of neon sex delights” – Standard Issue meets Freelance Pod at the Boulevard Theatre, Soho

Episode 36 – “During war, all relationships are temporary” – London Podcast Festival live show with Syrian refugee, Abdulwahab Tahhan

Episode 35 – The Telegraph’s head of social, Beth Ashton, on news in a multi-platform age

Episode 34 – BBC Radio 4 Extra’s Amanda Litherland on her Podcast Radio Hour, comedy and interviewing

Episode 33 – Guide to the London Podcast Festival 2019 with programmer Zoë Jeyes

Episode 32 – Former Sunday Times Style editor Jackie Annesley on swapping newspapers for tech

Episode 31 – Matt Cooke of Google News Labs still buys his local newspaper

Episode 30 – “Being a refugee is a dream come true” – preview of London Podcast Festival live recording with Syrian comic Abdulwahab Tahhan

Episode 29 – Why Jenny Stallard is launching Freelance Feels on National Freelancers Day

Episode 28 – Delia Cai’s Deez Links is a Snapchat streak that grew up to be a newsletter

Episode 27 – Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones on Black Mirror Season 5

Episode 26 – Mental Health Awareness Week and The Colour of Madness

Episode 25 – When news met the internet, with Twitter’s Director of Curation, Part Two

Episode 24 – When news met the internet, with Twitter’s Director of Curation, Part One

Episode 23 – What journalists should know about content marketing

Episode 22 – Podcasts and newsletters go together

Episode 21 – Freelance Pod on BBC Radio 4’s Podcast Radio Hour

Episode 20 – Less journalistic objectivity, more activism

Episode 19 – Always Be Learning, with The Writing Coach Pod

Episode 18 – How social media changes the world

Episode 17 – International Women’s Day 2019 Compilation

Episode 16 – Anna Codrea-Rado’s Fair Pay For Freelancers open letter


Episode 15 – You own the narrative of your career

Episode 14 – Journalism should be fun: investigating burnout

Episode 13 – Graffiti was analogue internet

Episode 12 – From The Guardian to Vogue, via freelancing

Episode 11 – Woman’s Hour on BBC Radio 4: behind the scenes

Episode 10 – Whatsapp has transformed foreign reporting

Episode 9 – Bandersnatch interview with Charlie Brooker

Episode 8 – Black Mirror Bandersnatch, mental health and tech

Episode 7 – Inside Black Mirror interview with Charlie Brooker

Episode 6 – Celebrating 30 years of the internet

Episode 5 – Chaos with Ed Miliband’s podcast!

Episode 4 – Movies are the memories of our lifetime

Episode 3 – Music sounds better with you

Episode 2 – Divided by a common language

Episode 1 – Podcasts are kind of a big deal


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