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July 2020: Freelance Pod hit 10,000 downloads after 20 months!

On Times Radio to talk about having a ‘difficult’ name and the new LinkedIn pronunciation function (from 2h 25m in):Screen Shot 2020-07-09 at 17.12.56






Back at the BBC to talk about film nostalgia podcasts, and to round up the best news ones:

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I’m a guest on the latest episode of the Business of Writing Podcast:

Suchandrika Chakrabarti Business of Writing Podcast

I’ve been back at the BBC co-presenting Podcast Radio Hour with Amanda Litherland – this time, we’re talking about TV Companion podcasts

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I’m a guest on this episode of The Prospect Interview, Prospect Magazine’s weekly podcast:

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I’m a guest on this episode of BBC Sounds’ Money 101 podcast:

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Here’s the podcast of my live podcast x audience growth workshop from the November 2019 Newsrewired conference by

I joined Radio Today’s last roundtable of 2019, to talk about about podcasts on the radio, and the Audible Audio Production Awards last week.


I co-presented a BBC radio show: Radio 4 Extra’s Podcast Radio Hour, with Amanda Litherland.

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I presented two awards at the Audible Audio Production Awards 2019: Best New Producer (Gold went to Jess Lawson, Freelance) and Best New Voice (Gold went to Mo Ayoub of Reprezent Radio).

Freelance Pod was live at the Boulevard Theatre Soho in November 2019:

October 2019: Freelance Pod was live at the London College of Communication October 2019 to celebrate the Refugee Journalism Project

October 2019: Freelance Pod has been shortlisted for the prestigious Lovie Awards (European version of The Webby Awards!) in the category Podcasts – Best Host!!

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September 2019: I hosted a Freelance Pod live recording at the London Podcast Festival!

Freelance Pod tells stories about creativity and the digital revolution.

Twitter: @freelance_pod_ • 📸 Insta: freelancepod • Images by Natalie Barbara

A bit about my guest, Abdulwahab Tahhan: he’s a Syrian refugee who’s been in England for six years; a stand-up comedian, a journalist and a university lecturer; and he’s working on a podcast featuring refugees telling their own stories of settling into life in the UK.

April 2019: Freelance Pod has been featured on BBC Radio 4! 

Listen to the full show here:

@SuchandrikaCLinkedIn | 

Please enjoy my very first time on live radio, back in 2014!

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Episode 48 – Critiquing the media in a digital age, with Mic Wright and his newsletter, Conquest of the Useless

Episode 47 – The future of work is everyone using their influence, with writer Lauren Razavi

Episode 46 – From the Egyptian revolution to pandemic lockdown, with Kim Fox of The American University in Cairo

Episode 45 – “Dialling down the feminism” with writer and comedian Alex Bertulis-Fernandes

Episode 44 – “Grief is an incredibly creative experience” – Author Flora Baker on self-publishing The Adult Orphan Club

Episode 43 – MEL Magazine deputy editor Alana Levinson on what The Great Solicited Dick Pic Experiment reveals about digital journalism

Episode 42 – From Anonymous Animals to Animal Crossing: Marie Foulston’s lockdown party in a spreadsheet

Episode 41 – “Content is one of the beautiful things about the internet” – Book editor Parul Bavishi on writing in a pandemic

Episode 40 – Imposter syndrome, social media and getting through a pandemic lockdown

Episode 39 – Live show with Smoke & Mirrors author Gemma Milne at The Boulevard Theatre Soho

Episode 38 – Grieving our mothers online, with author Rachel Vorona Cote

Episode 37 – “A box of neon sex delights” – Standard Issue meets Freelance Pod at the Boulevard Theatre, Soho

Episode 36 – “During war, all relationships are temporary” – London Podcast Festival live show with Syrian refugee, Abdulwahab Tahhan

Episode 35 – The Telegraph’s head of social, Beth Ashton, on news in a multi-platform age

Episode 34 – BBC Radio 4 Extra’s Amanda Litherland on her Podcast Radio Hour, comedy and interviewing

Episode 33 – Guide to the London Podcast Festival 2019 with programmer Zoë Jeyes

Episode 32 – Former Sunday Times Style editor Jackie Annesley on swapping newspapers for tech

Episode 31 – Matt Cooke of Google News Labs still buys his local newspaper

Episode 30 – “Being a refugee is a dream come true” – preview of London Podcast Festival live recording with Syrian comic Abdulwahab Tahhan

Episode 29 – Why Jenny Stallard is launching Freelance Feels on National Freelancers Day

Episode 28 – Delia Cai’s Deez Links is a Snapchat streak that grew up to be a newsletter

Episode 27 – Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones on Black Mirror Season 5

Episode 26 – Mental Health Awareness Week and The Colour of Madness

Episode 25 – When news met the internet, with Twitter’s Director of Curation, Part Two

Episode 24 – When news met the internet, with Twitter’s Director of Curation, Part One

Episode 23 – What journalists should know about content marketing

Episode 22 – Podcasts and newsletters go together

Episode 21 – Freelance Pod on BBC Radio 4’s Podcast Radio Hour

Episode 20 – Less journalistic objectivity, more activism

Episode 19 – Always Be Learning, with The Writing Coach Pod

Episode 18 – How social media changes the world

Episode 17 – International Women’s Day 2019 Compilation

Episode 16 – Anna Codrea-Rado’s Fair Pay For Freelancers open letter


Episode 15 – You own the narrative of your career

Episode 14 – Journalism should be fun: investigating burnout

Episode 13 – Graffiti was analogue internet

Episode 12 – From The Guardian to Vogue, via freelancing

Episode 11 – Woman’s Hour on BBC Radio 4: behind the scenes

Episode 10 – Whatsapp has transformed foreign reporting

Episode 9 – Bandersnatch interview with Charlie Brooker

Episode 8 – Black Mirror Bandersnatch, mental health and tech

Episode 7 – Inside Black Mirror interview with Charlie Brooker

Episode 6 – Celebrating 30 years of the internet

Episode 5 – Chaos with Ed Miliband’s podcast!

Episode 4 – Movies are the memories of our lifetime

Episode 3 – Music sounds better with you

Episode 2 – Divided by a common language

Episode 1 – Podcasts are kind of a big deal


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