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I’ve scheduled TWO online podcast masterclasses for October! 

I was part of the London Podcast Festival’s Podcast Maker Weekend on 26th September 2020:

Masterclass: How to get your indie podcast to 10,000 downloads on a budget took place on Tuesday 18th August:

Masterclass: Using personal essays to break into a new publication or niche took place on Tuesday 4th August:

I work with the monthly Rise and Shine Audio workshops in London to train new up-and-coming podcasters:

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In my last staff role, I provided media skills development for 2000+ journalists across Trinity Mirror (now Reach Plc).

I train for a number of journalism courses and organisations. I’m also available for bespoke sessions.


I was very impressed with Suchandrika’s workshop and presentation. Her enthusiasm is infectious and her knowledge comprehensive. She adapted very well to a mixed audience – from social media regulars to luddites – and kept them all engaged. We will definitely be re-booking her in the future.
Michael Wakelin, Former BBC Head of Religion and Ethics from 2006-2009; now Head of Programmes for Coexist House, Exec Producer TBI Media

Suchandrika is a brilliant editorial trainer and has helped many reporters reach their potential through thorough and engaging training sessions. In my experience she’s well-liked and well-respected in every newsroom she has worked with.
– Adam Boult, Digital Content Director, South East and Cambridge, Reach Plc (was Trinity Mirror)

Suchandrika brings an outstanding combination of digital, multimedia and corporate skillsets to the table. She has extensive experience as an editorial trainer at Trinity Mirror, alongside working regularly as a social media editor for this prestigious news outlet.
Suchandrika has also pioneered new technologies at Trinity, including the adoption of smartphones for the superb ‘Black Mirror Cracked’ podcast, which went straight to No 2 on iTunes on publication. If you have the opportunity to work with her, my advice is to grab it immediately.
Corinne Podger, Former BBC and ABC broadcast journalist, now Digital Journalism Educator and Consultant

@SuchandrikaCLinkedIn | Newsletter

Here are examples of training sessions I’ve given. Do you need help with any of the below? We can work together on bespoke requests.


  • Audience-first thinking: you have the idea, so who’s your listener?
  • How to get yours ready for broadcast
  • How to build a loyal fanbase

Public Speaking

  • How to find opportunities to speak
  • How to work with your fears about public speaking
  • How to promote your speaking opportunity before and after the event

Digital Storytelling

  • Audience-first thinking: who would want to experience this story?
  • Will it work on mobile?
  • The principles of multi-platform

Social Strategy

  • Who’s your audience and what do they want?
  • Analytics and the story they tell you
  • How to stay ahead of your competition

Case Studies

  • How they help you get press / social attention
  • Who and how to interview
  • How to write a compelling case study

Feature Writing

  • What makes a good feature story and where to find ideas
  • What multimedia will add to your story?
  • Interviewing and structuring

Live social video

  • Working across Facebook Live, Instagram Live and Periscope (Twitter)
  • How to both film and present at the same time
  • How to promote your live on social platforms

@SuchandrikaCLinkedIn | Newsletter