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British Comedy Guide PRO newsletter, 10th July 2020

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Chortle – Finalists announced for Funny Women Stage Awards

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Counterflows newsletter: Issue #12

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9 useful podcast episodes for out-of-work freelancers

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BBC Female Talent Brief commissioning document

[To be clear, though, the podcast is produced independently by me, and has not been commissioned by the BBC]Screen Shot 2020-05-04 at 14.49.31

How to get shit done if you’re working from home all summer

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La Lettre PodFrance #47- 6 AVRIL 2020

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PodMov Daily: Thursday, April 2 2020 – Reaching Out for Stories: The Rise of Crowdsourced Podcasts

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Earning from Learning – NUJ’s The Journalist Magazine Feb/March 2020

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BBC Radio 4 Extra’s Podcast Radio Hour: TV Companion Podcasts

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How to negotiate your freelance rate – Starling Bank Blog

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Why do female journalists choose to go freelance?

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My live podcasting workshop at the November 2019 conference, newsrewired

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BBC Radio 4 Extra’s Podcast Radio Hour: What makes a great live podcast?

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117 Podcast Marketing Tips From Podcasters Just Like You – Headliner on Medium

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The Boulevard Theatre Announces 2020 Season

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Freelance Pod has been shortlisted in The Lovie Awards category Podcasts – Best Host

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Foreign Bodies: On Language

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Launching a podcast? How to decide on a topic – What’s New In Publishing

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Just All The Essential Tips You Should Know Before Starting Your Podcast – Journo Resources

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August Update From the Medium Partner Program

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Maple Street Creative blog – London Podcast Festival: The Top Picks

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53 of the best things to do in London: September 2019 – The Resident

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Unravel returns with a con artist; Crime Junkie served legal letter – Podnews

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Two new workshops added to the November agenda – Newsrewired /

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The latest episode of Freelance Pod features an interview with Zoe Jeyes – Podnews

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Feeling Stuck? The 5-Step Guide to Switching Your Writing Niche – ClearVoice

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How to Switch Niches: What Is a Content Niche? – ClearVoice

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Guesting on the launch episode of The Media Insider with Helen Croydon podcast


Freelance Feels

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Co-hosting Radiodays Europe Podcast Day 2019 at Kings Place, London

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Writer and podcaster Caroline Crampton’s website

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Susan Shain’s Where to Pitch Newsletter, 30 May 2019

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Featured Shows for May 22, 2019 on RadioPublic

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Muck Rack Daily: May 16th 2019

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Edith Bowman confirmed for London radio event – Podcasts: What’s The Point?


Ministry fails to do justice to data protection – S A Mathieson’s newsletter

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Choosing the right membership (or subscription) model

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The Age of the Freelancer: Should journalism contests rethink their fees?

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Tip: Kickstart your journalism podcast

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10 Journalism newsletters you should subscribe to, make that 11

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What Journalists Should Know About Content Marketing

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The Writing Coach Podcast: Podcasting with Suchandrika Chakrabarti


Why freelancers should start a podcast Plus networking for introverts

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Podcasts for freelance writers & editors

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9 Women Podcasters Share Their Best Advice On Starting A Podcast

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Freelance pod on Radio 4’s Podcast Radio Hour

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Four Inspiring, Badass Female Writers to Watch

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6 Tips Women Writers Swear By to Support Their Female Colleagues

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30 podcasts PR pros should listen to

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Schedule Your Way To A Successful Podcast

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How publishers are experimenting with smart speakers

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Personal website of Isabelle Roughol, senior editor-at-large at LinkedIn

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104 Ridiculously Amazing Women You Should Invite To Speak At Your Event Now

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Best tech podcasts: From Ctrl Alt Delete to Cyber

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Black Mirror Podcasts? – Reddit

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Radio Today Podcast: Roundtable November 2018

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Black Mirror Cracked Review, Tech Life Australia

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The Daily Telegraph editorial trainees 

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First speakers announced for Next Radio 2018

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How to create a successful podcast in five steps

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How mojo thinking scored Trinity Mirror a top-shelf podcast

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Editors to advise journalism colleges in NCTJ training shake-up

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Podcast of the Week: Black Mirror Cracked

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The 5 Minute Podcast Review – Episode 34

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Podcast of the week: Atlanta Monster is the first true-crime hit of 2018 

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Screen Shot 2019-02-23 at 23.49.28

Podcast Spotlight: Black Mirror Cracked, your Black Mirror podcast

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Every Easter Egg Hidden in Season Four of ‘Black Mirror’

Screen Shot 2019-02-23 at 23.59.06.png

¿Ya descubriste los detalles ocultos en la temporada 4 de “Black Mirror”?

[Transl: Have you already discovered the hidden details in season 4 of “Black Mirror”?]

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The importance of speaking out highlighted at diversity in journalism seminar

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NCTJ to hold seminar on diversity in journalism this week

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