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Talking about my 2021 Fringe show I Miss Amy Winehouse on BBC Radio 5 Live’s Sunday Breakfast show

Don’t Know Whether To Hide Your Likes On Instagram? You’re Not Alone (Grazia UK)

The psychology of voice notes: Why we all fell in love with audio messaging (Metro UK)

Lockdown Silver Linings, Red magazine, June 2021 issue (Online version here)

Talking about starting my comedy career during the pandemic

Five Questions interview for Yanyi’s The Reading newsletter

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An excerpt:

7 Best Podcasts to Level Up Your Mindset as a Business-of-One

Book Week: Red Pepper Magazine included my review of Wendy Liu’s Abolish Silicon Valley in their round up of the best book reviews from recent print editions

Finding your own voice ….and making a podcast: Falmouth University

Great British Podcasts newsletter, September 20, 2020


Non-white speakers you need at your next journalism event to avoid ‘whanels’

9 useful podcast episodes for out-of-work freelancers

Lauren Razavi – Counterflows: Issue #12

Remote-working advice from the experts

PodMov Daily: Thursday, April 2

How to get shit done if you’re working from home all summer

How to negotiate your freelance rate

Sunday Service: Podcasts with Freelance Pod

117 Podcast Marketing Tips From Podcasters Just Like You

Why do female journalists choose to go freelance?

The Publisher’s Guide to Podcasting (Sept 2019) / Launching a podcast? How to decide on a topic

Journo Resources: Just All The Essential Tips You Should Know Before Starting Your Podcast

Newsrewired: Two new workshops added to the November agenda

The Business of Writing Podcast – Suchandrika Chakrabarti

Feeling Stuck? The 5-Step Guide to Switching Your Writing Niche

The Media Insider podcast – Episode 1

Co-hosting Radiodays Europe Podcast Day 2019 at Kings Place, London

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Writer and podcaster Caroline Crampton’s website

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Susan Shain’s Where to Pitch Newsletter, 30 May 2019

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Screen Shot 2019-06-02 at 16.49.27

Featured Shows for May 22, 2019 on RadioPublic

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Screen Shot 2019-06-02 at 16.33.14

Muck Rack Daily: May 16th 2019

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Edith Bowman confirmed for London radio event – Podcasts: What’s The Point?


Ministry fails to do justice to data protection – S A Mathieson’s newsletter

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Choosing the right membership (or subscription) model

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The Age of the Freelancer: Should journalism contests rethink their fees?

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Tip: Kickstart your journalism podcast

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10 Journalism newsletters you should subscribe to, make that 11

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What Journalists Should Know About Content Marketing

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The Writing Coach Podcast: Podcasting with Suchandrika Chakrabarti


Why freelancers should start a podcast Plus networking for introverts

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Podcasts for freelance writers & editors

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9 Women Podcasters Share Their Best Advice On Starting A Podcast

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Freelance pod on Radio 4’s Podcast Radio Hour

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Four Inspiring, Badass Female Writers to Watch

Screen Shot 2019-04-01 at 18.56.30

6 Tips Women Writers Swear By to Support Their Female Colleagues

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30 podcasts PR pros should listen to

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Schedule Your Way To A Successful Podcast

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How publishers are experimenting with smart speakers

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Personal website of Isabelle Roughol, senior editor-at-large at LinkedIn

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104 Ridiculously Amazing Women You Should Invite To Speak At Your Event Now

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Best tech podcasts: From Ctrl Alt Delete to Cyber

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Black Mirror Podcasts? – Reddit

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Radio Today Podcast: Roundtable November 2018

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Black Mirror Cracked Review, Tech Life Australia

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The Daily Telegraph editorial trainees 

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First speakers announced for Next Radio 2018

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How to create a successful podcast in five steps

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How mojo thinking scored Trinity Mirror a top-shelf podcast

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Editors to advise journalism colleges in NCTJ training shake-up

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Podcast of the Week: Black Mirror Cracked

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The 5 Minute Podcast Review – Episode 34

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Podcast of the week: Atlanta Monster is the first true-crime hit of 2018 

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Podcast Spotlight: Black Mirror Cracked, your Black Mirror podcast

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Every Easter Egg Hidden in Season Four of ‘Black Mirror’

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¿Ya descubriste los detalles ocultos en la temporada 4 de “Black Mirror”?

[Transl: Have you already discovered the hidden details in season 4 of “Black Mirror”?]

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The importance of speaking out highlighted at diversity in journalism seminar

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NCTJ to hold seminar on diversity in journalism this week

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