G20 protests: Climate Change Camp

UPDATE from The Guardian 05/04/09:

The man who died during last week’s G20 protests was “assaulted” by riot police shortly before he suffered a heart attack, according to witness statements received by the Independent Police Complaints Commission

Mr Tomlinson, a married man who lived alone in a bail hostel, was not taking part in the protests. Initially, his death was attributed by a police post mortem to natural causes. A City of London police statement said: “[He] suffered a sudden heart attack while on his way home from work.”

But this version of events was challenged after witnesses recognised the dead man from photographs that were published on Friday.

Aside from the 30-something man who apparently died of natural causes while being ‘kettled‘ (and, upon release, photographed and had their details taken, or else back into the kettle – why?), what on earth happened at the peaceful and quite fun climate change camp on Bishopsgate??

From this (4pm-ish, see the green ‘Nature Doesn’t Do Bail-Outs’ banner?):

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