Arlesey Remembers You: one year on from crowdfunding

A lovely article on how Crowdfunder helped the Arlesey Remembers You campaign, one of my favourite Community Newswire success stories. Excerpt after the jump... Immediately the appetite and in fact the need for such a community project became obvious. I started to advertise my Crowdfunder page. We have a lively and active Facebook page for [...]

LFF Preview: Starsuckers

From Netribution Starsuckers is the second feature-length documentary from writer/director Chris Atkins, who made the BAFTA-nominated Taking Liberties in 2007. The film takes an in-depth look into celebrity culture - and sleb journalism - and the results are both laugh-out-loud funny and worrying. The issue of made-up stories making their way into showbiz gossip columns [...]