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The Reader: This is my truth, tell me yours*

From Netribution This review is going to be full of spoilers; if you don’t want to know, best look away now. So, for the remaining reader: The Reader hinges on the power of writing, and the flexibility of the truth. It can make or break lives. Reading aloud draws two people into a decades-long relationship; the shame of illiteracy leads to a terrible crime and a life of penance; a  Holocaust survivor’s book puts six female ex-SS guards on trial.

“The editor believes the thing to be a just history of fact…”

Exposing fake memoirists. It’s become a thing now, thanks to the sheer number of fake memoirists. However, we didn’t always see things this way. The post title comes from the Preface to Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe (1719).  In light of all the fake memoirs that seem to be making the rounds at the moment, here’s some of what the rest of this cheeky preface to a fake memoir (the first novel written in English?) says: