Episode 22: Podcasts and newsletters go together, with Caroline Crampton

If you’re a keen podcast listener, you might recognise Caroline‘s name from the Hot Pod newsletter, or, since yesterday, from The Browser‘s daily inbox offering.

Podcasts and newsletters have a lot in common: each one develops its own voice and character, and gets delivered into its audience’s private spaces: ears and email inbox. Caroline and I discuss how both are a good substitute for having your own column.

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Caroline’s got a book coming out in June, The Way to the Sea, and its topics include the Thames Estuary, which leads out of London to her childhood home in Kent, and is where her parents first pitched up in England over 30 years ago, after sailing over from apartheid-era South Africa. What do immigrants become after spending over half their lives in the new country, and brining up children who are more of the new land than the old? Maybe we need a new word?

Caroline is also a podcaster, with the British Podcast Awards-nominated Shedunnit, which take a deep dive into the real stories behind classic crime fiction. It’s up for a prize in the Smartest Podcast category, so one to try if you like crime fiction and also feeling S-M-R-T. Wait. Was that a Simpsons joke?









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I like the comma in American headlines, I think England needs it.

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