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I’m an experienced public speaker, presenter, moderator and panel member.

Areas of expertise: arts, culture, the media industry, journalism, writing podcasting, audio, diversity, inclusion, intersectionality, feminism, training / coaching adults, especially in the workplace, freelancing, portfolio careers, mentoring, grief

Here’s what I’ve learned from being an in-demand presenter and public speaker

My audio work

My video work

May 2021: I was interviewed on BBC Radio Kent about taking my first show to the Brighton and Camden Fringes this summer


April 2021: Back on The Week Unwrapped

March 2021: I popped onto The Week Unwrapped twice!

March 2021: I hosted the first day of the PopChange retreat, and moderated a comedian panel on the second day

Feb 2021: I was a guest on The Week Unwrapped

Feb 2021: I’ll be speaking about freelance journalism as a career at the SPA Journalism Midlands conference:

Jan 2021: I was on this Rise & Shine Audio panel about promoting podcasts, which you can watch on YouTube, link in tweet:

Jan 2021: Double whammy! I appeared on The Week Unwrapped and the Culture Unwrapped podcasts in the same week:

Dec 2020:  I was on the 206th episode of The Week Unwrapped

Nov 2020: I was on the 203rd episode of The Week Unwrapped

November 2020: BBC Radio Kent appearance: 

October 2020: I appeared on the 200th episode of The Week Unwrapped:

October 2020: I scripted and performed an episode for the podcast Fantasy Holidays in a time of COVID:

October 2020: I was part of a panel discussing comedy and ‘cancel culture’ on Mariella Frostrup’s Times Radio show:

October 2020: I guested on the Leapers podcast, No More Watercooler, with Matthew Knight:

October 2020: I spoke on the ‘Getting into Podcasting’ panel at the SPA Journalism conference for student journalists

October 2020: I’m the guest on the latest episode of multi-award-winning podcast, The Week Unwrapped:

September 2020: I talked about getting into comedy on the Creators of Colour podcast, made by writer Tufayel Ahmed:

August 2020: On Times Radio with the co-founder of The Comedy Store and a cast member of BBC’s The Mash Report to talk about the future of comedy after lockdown

July 2020: Freelance Pod hit 10,000 downloads after 20 months!

July 2020: On Times Radio to talk about having a ‘difficult’ name and the new LinkedIn pronunciation function:

Back at the BBC to talk about film nostalgia podcasts, and to round up the best news ones:

Screen Shot 2020-07-03 at 08.51.40

I’m a guest on the latest episode of the Business of Writing Podcast:

Suchandrika Chakrabarti Business of Writing Podcast

I’ve been back at the BBC co-presenting Podcast Radio Hour with Amanda Litherland – this time, we’re talking about TV Companion podcasts

Screen Shot 2020-02-21 at 12.29.24

I’m a guest on this episode of The Prospect Interview, Prospect Magazine’s weekly podcast:

Screen Shot 2020-01-28 at 07.41.58

I’m a guest on this episode of BBC Sounds’ Money 101 podcast:

Screen Shot 2020-01-28 at 07.40.19

Here’s the podcast of my live podcast x audience growth workshop from the November 2019 Newsrewired conference by Journalism.co.uk.

I joined Radio Today’s last roundtable of 2019, to talk about about podcasts on the radio, and the Audible Audio Production Awards last week.


I co-presented a BBC radio show: Radio 4 Extra’s Podcast Radio Hour, with Amanda Litherland.

Screen Shot 2019-11-30 at 00.22.55.png


I presented two awards at the Audible Audio Production Awards 2019: Best New Producer (Gold went to Jess Lawson, Freelance) and Best New Voice (Gold went to Mo Ayoub of Reprezent Radio).


May 2020: The lockdown has changed how speaking gigs and live events work… here’s my talk for the Rise and Shine Audio online podcast festival, on presenting:


March 2020: Live episode of Freelance Pod at Sheffield Hallam University’s creative careers event, SHU Pathways

I’ve been getting into stand-up recently… for more, and to see the set the picture below is taken from, hop on over to the Comedy tab!

January 2020: Hosting the Comedy Producers panel for Rise and Shine Audio at Kings Place, London

November 2019: I moderated the ‘Grow your audience by hosting a live podcast recording’ workshop at the next news:rewired conference at Reuters, London

@SuchandrikaCLinkedIn | Newsletter

November 2019: Presenting the ‘Producer Bingo’ panel for Rise and Shine Audio at Kings Place, London

I co-hosted Radiodays Europe’s Podcast Day London 2019, alongside Martin Liss


Speakers included George the Poet and the BBC’s Brexitcast, who broke the news of their little pod becoming a weekly TV show later this year…

May 2019: I spoke on a panel at Radio Audio Week, London

Here’s a podcast from the event

Moderating the ‘Alexa, how can we monetise content on smart speakers?’ panel at Journalism.co.uk’s news:rewired conference, Reuters, London, March 2019

With my most joyous moderation face on


L-R: Me (moderating intently); Nic Newman, senior research associate, Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism; Peter Stewart, author and journalist; Chris Stone, Executive Producer, Video & Audio, Evening Standard; Susie Coleman, software development executive, Guardian Voice Labs.

I’m on this list: 104 Ridiculously Amazing Women You Should Invite To Speak At Your Event Now

Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 13.05.05.jpg

Moderating the ‘Best practices for fighting disinformation: what’s hot and what’s not?’ panel at Journalism.co.uk’s news:rewired conference, Reuters, London, November 2018

L-R: Me (moderating intently); Tom Phillips, editor, Full Fact; Alistair Baker Coleman, disinformation analyst, BBC Monitoring; Aoife Gallagher, intelligence strategist, Storyful; Fergus Bell, founder, Pop-Up Newsroom

Talking about my first podcast, Black Mirror Cracked, at the Next Radio Conference, The Royal Institution of Britain, London, September 2018



(Video here)

@SuchandrikaCLinkedIn | Newsletter

Speaking on the Spotify podcast panel at the KDD conference at the ExCel Centre in London, August 2018

(L-R): Julie Riederer, Senior User Researcher, Spotify; Me (hydrating intently); Lauren Hutchinson, BBC reporter; Nastaran Tavakoli-Far, BBC radio reporter and host of The Gender Knot podcast

Telling the audience how to launch a podcast at Journalism.co.uk’s news:rewired conference at Reuters in London, July 2018


(Video and audio available too)

Speaking on ‘A woman’s place is in the studio’ panel at the National Student Radio conference in East Anglia, April 2018

(L-R): Jocelin Stainer, Head of Production. BBC Radio 1, 1Xtra, Asian Network; Me (listening intently); Christie Driver-Snell, Music Editor at Spotify and Jaguar Bingham, DJ for BBC Radio 1 / 1Xtra

Speaking on ‘How to attract journalists from all walks of life’ panel at the NCTJ’s Journalism Diversity Fund event, October 2017

Jacqueline Simmons, executive editor at Bloomberg,(L-R): Me (making a point intently, I hope); Elizabeth Pears, news editor, BuzzFeed UK; Jacqueline Simmons, executive editor at Bloomberg